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MEPI Professional Development Workshop

Professional Development Workshop on Public Persuasion and Persuasive Speaking at the
University of Delaware (MEPI-COMM)

The MEpI Alumni professional Development Workshop was created to support alumni to further develop their oral and written persuasive communication skills. The PPPS serves as an introduction to theories of persuasion and social influence, including components of advanced application. A range of theories and contexts for public persuasion will be analyzed and discussed in terms of communication practices as they relate to social, political and cultural life in the United States and around the world. participants will apply their understanding of the theories of persuasion in a major program project and individual presentations.

In our various private and public roles we ask not just for understanding from others, but agreement and action as well. The goal of this program is two-fold; to increase your understanding of the practices and theories of persuasion, including your analytical skills as an observer and critic of public persuasion, and to enhance your abilities to effectively and ethically craft persuasive messages in a variety of mediums and contexts. You will learn to recognize the limits of persuasion as well as its possibilities, and you will gain a greater sensitivity to the potential and responsibility of asking others to act.

By the end of this program you should have a greater appreciation for the powers and limits of theory in predicting behavioral outcomes, an understanding of persuasion processes and models, a standardized vocabulary in place to assess the effectiveness of verbal and visual messages, and the capacity to design persuasive communication intended for various media and audiences.

Since 2003, MEpI has sponsored a series of specially designed, high-level training Student Leaders program for outstanding student leaders from the countries of the North Africa and Middle Eastern region. The MEpI student leaders program provides a unique opportunity for participants to develop their leadership and civic engagement skills, with a specific emphasis on applying those skills in their home communities and countries to effect change. Additionally, the program enables the participants to learn about and discuss values, issues, and institutions that have played important roles throughout the history of the United States.

The University of Delaware has long been recognized as a leader in international education. It was an early pioneer in study abroad and now regularly hosts groups of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from abroad providing them with creative programs blending academics and cultural enrichment.


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