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UD Initiative Fund

Most Needed

The UD Initiative Fund provides the president and deans the ability to support the areas that need it most.

UD Initiative Fund

The UD Initiative Fund is designed so that donors can support the areas that need it most at the University. These funds are unrestricted and go directly to what is needed most that academic year.

These funds are used each year for vital operating areas. Financial aid is the most pressing requirement, but there are academic and social programs, faculty support, facility renovations and technology upgrades that are all supported by the UD Initiative Fund.

Giving to the UD Initiative Fund provides the president and deans the ability to be flexible, to meet unforeseen situations with answers, and to respond where the need is greatest:

  • Additional financial aid to attract and retain the brightest students
  • Research costs for students and faculty
  • Conference and travel fees to send students and faculty around the world to meet with leaders in their fields
  • Additional training for faculty to advance professionally
  • Technology upgrades across the campus

These are just a few of the many pieces that build a university and depend on additional support from the UD Initiative Fund.

Gifts of $50 or $500 or $5,000 are joined together to make a difference at UD. Every gift truly counts. Please make your gift today.