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Chip and Doris Bixler

Chip and DorisChip Bixler met Doris Hogentogler in the dining room at Kent Hall when they were students at Delaware in the late 1960’s -- Doris was a Resident Assistant in Kent, and Chip was the dorm president of Brown Hall. They were friends at first…but then began dating and soon fell in love and have been married for 37 years. These Double Dels (Delaware alumni who marry other Delaware alumni) actually consider themselves Quadruple Dels, since they both received their Masters degrees from Delaware as well.

“Our Delaware experience was quite varied,” explained Doris. “When I started at Delaware, women were required to wear skirts to the library. When I graduated, they had open dorms! So it was quite a change for everyone on campus.”

Doris went on to teach reading in elementary school in Cecil County and Chip spent his career teaching math in the Christina School District. Chip’s career at Newark kept him in close contact with the University – from teaching the children of Delaware professors to working with University administrators. Chip worked with longtime UD administrators Stuart Sharkey, Director of Residence Life and Bernie Sullivan, Room Assignment Officer and he and Doris became close friends with both men and their families.

“Living in a college town has a lot of perks,” explained Chip. “There is always a lot going on and there is a good sense of interaction with the University and its neighbors. It keeps us young! But we also really appreciate the alumni functions that enable us to keep in contact with professors, our friends, and our classmates. Maintaining those friendships has been great for us.”

Chip and Doris have enjoyed their football season tickets, having purchased them first in 1968, and then since the late 1970’s on an annual basis. “We love to see everyone at the games, and it’s a great way to stay connected to what’s happening at the University today. We have been fortunate to be close enough to Newark to see how things are managed at the University. We have seen the money we have donated well spent. We appreciate the advances in the areas of education, history, culture – areas that are important to us. We see that people at Delaware really enjoy being there, and are receiving great benefits from their experience. We decided about eight years ago to support Delaware through a gift in our wills because of these experiences,” explained Chip. “We know that the costs have skyrocketed, and there’s obviously a need. We want to be sure that Delaware can continue to attract quality professors, do important research, and help the students.”

“I grew up locally” said Doris, “and when I was considering my college choices, some people asked why I would consider attending Delaware as an in-state school. I’ve never been disappointed; I’ve always been so proud that I went to Delaware!”

Chip remarked, “For someone considering making a gift to Delaware in their estate, I would ask them ‘Do you think your education made your life better? Do you value the friendships you’ve made? Can you look back and see the impact of your time at Delaware?’ The investment you make by contributing to Delaware, and it is an investment that we all must continue to make, will pay dividends for many people for years down the road. It’s important to give back, and we’re glad we have such a great place in Delaware to give back to.”