Carillon Circle Members, University of Delaware

Members of the Carillon Circle

The University of Delaware gratefully acknowledges the many individuals who have included the University in their legacy plans. Their support will impact students and the University community for generations to come.

The following is a list of current Carillon Circle members.  We strive for accuracy in our donor listings; if you would like to make a change or notify us of a correction, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at 302-831-6798. This page was last updated on 8/26/14.

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Anonymous (36)
Burton A. Abrams and Karen G. Venezky
Dolores B. Adams ‘51
Junis B. Adkins
Robert T. Allen
Barbara Schlesinger Amdurer ‘79 and Michael S. Amdurer
David G. Anderer and Carol Leefeldt Anderer
Dana L. Anderson ‘77
George ‘62M and Anne M. Andrek
Barbra Frank Andrisani ‘68
Gwendoline Bain Angalet '00PhD
Virginia Larson Appleby ‘55
Robert W. Armstrong ‘68 and Paula Murphey Armstrong ‘66
Amelia Augustus ‘59

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Eleanor J. Bader ‘43*
Linda A. Baer ‘64
Glen D. Barbaras
Angela Cullen Bauer ‘79 and David P. Bauer
Christopher B. ‘78 and Sally A. Beaton
Jeffrey D. Beck ‘75M and Elizabeth Townsend Beck ‘68
Mark P. Bendett ‘81M ‘85PhD
William D. ‘73 and Patricia C. Bennison
Stephen D. and Victoria F. Benson
Henri L. Bertuch ‘54 and Rhoda Sue Weisman Bertuch ‘56
Catherine Van Horn Bieber ‘56M and Homer L. Bieber
Joseph E. Biloon ‘99 and Alison Bailey Biloon ‘99
Chip Bixler ‘72 ‘74M and Doris Hogentogler Bixler ‘71 ‘80M
George P. Blankenship '74 and Andrea LeNoir Blankenship '73
Mary Ann Hangen Blair ‘66 ‘82M
Karl W. and Renate E. Boer
Russ Jr. ‘67 and Judy Bonadonna
Bruce W. Bonner ‘85 and Andrew J. Leschak
Charlotte Z. Borresen
James B. Boyer
Charles F. Brandt ‘99
Polly M. Bray
Mary Lou Kocher Brockenbrough ‘51 and Thomas W. Brockenbrough
Kenneth C. Brownson
Susan Brynteson
James A. ‘69 and Diane M. Burke
Donald L. Burris ‘57
Stephen R. ‘55 and Nancy J. Butcher

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Philip P. Jr. ‘76 and Linda F. Calvarese
Mark R. Cameron ‘70M and Nancy J. Wilson-Cameron
Robert L. ‘66 and Ruth R. Carmean
R. R. M. III and Stephanie C. Carpenter
Larry L. Carr ‘79 ‘85
Mary Jane Carroll
Mae R. and Robert C. Carter
Ann B. Catts ‘52
Lawrence R. ‘58 ‘66M and Barbara V. Catuzzi
Peter J. Caws
Richard C. Cecil ‘52 and Ruth Stein Cecil ‘62 ‘67M
George M. Jr. ‘69 and Jean T. Chamberlain
Arthur B. Chase ‘62 and Jenny Haas Chase ‘60
Wenfang D. Chen ‘95M
Vincent P. ‘79 ‘81M and Susan A. Chiarito
Violet Jack Chilcoat ‘65 and Bruce W. Chilcoat
John T. ‘70M and Judy K. Choi
Robert L. ‘60M and Carol L. Christensen
Walter ‘70 and Carol L. Christian
Peter A. ‘67PhD and Millicent L. Christie
Anna P. Ciulla
Barbara M. Clark
Norma Towne Clayton ‘69M ‘82M and John M. Clayton Jr.
Kiran G. Clements
Edmond A. and Joanne M. Cocks
Willis S. Colburn
James R. Coleman ‘69 and Carole Albone Coleman ‘69 ‘72M
Jane Graham Coley ‘67 and Stephen Coley
Richard E. and Dolores T. Colgate
Mrs. Edward W. Cooch
Robert K. Cooper ‘94 and Linda Nester Cooper ‘93
Marilyn Cooper
David T. Corbishley ‘77
Paul N. ‘66 and Flo Z. Costello
Frank S. Craig Jr. ‘50 and Jane Gordon Craig ‘49

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D - F

Sue Davis
Barbara Lamberton Dawkins ‘60
John D. De Martini ‘73M
Kathleen Lis Dean ‘91 ‘93M and Robert M. Dean
Cleonice DiSabatino DeCherney ‘96 and G. Stephen DeCherney
Sandra L. Denney ‘67 ‘69M
Lucille C. Dow
Ruth D. Draper ‘55
Peter J. Drewniany ‘82PhD
Joan M. Dusenbury ‘69
Russell R. Dynes
Dorothy Pierson Eaton ‘55 ‘64M
Marily S. Eipper
Laurence E. ‘62 and Barbara B. Erera
James L. Everett ‘63
Virginia H. Ezell
Gayle Morse Faath ‘76
James G. Faller ‘62M ‘67PhD and Catherine Eliades Faller ‘58
John P. Favero ‘70 and Bonnie Malone Favero ‘74
Ronald M. ‘56 and Beverly W. Finch
Peter D. Finkel
Susan R. Finkel ‘77 ‘84M
George L. Fish ‘61M
Helen Widder Flood ‘79 and Donald G. Flood
Barbara Kopystecki Flynn ‘67 and John H. Flynn IV
James E. Flynn Sr. ‘55
Michael J. Flynn ‘95 and Melissa Wagner Flynn ‘95
James B. Foulk ‘59 and Nancy Woodward Foulk ‘60
Ellen Hatfield Fox ‘67 and Gerry L. Fox
Howard A. Frank ‘81M
Patricia Going Frey ‘76 and Philip C. Frey
Phyllis M. Frick
William L. Friend ‘58M

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G - H

Vincent P. Gambal ‘82 ‘90M
James M. Gardner and Sara B. McCraw*
Jane Nuckols Garrett ‘57
Christopher N. Garruba Jr. ‘82
Peter J. Georges ‘62
Andrey A. Georgieff
Walter J. Gerzin ‘66M
Patricia Eddy Gesler ‘70
Alan J. Gilbert ‘85 and Sarah R. Chanin
Dean S. Gilchrist ‘68
Herman L. and Charlotte K. Glotzer
Anthony R. Goland ‘83
Nancy F. Goland
Caroline M. Golt ‘69 ‘07
James L. Goodwill III ‘67
Stuart M. and Suzanne B. Grant
Donald J. Graulich ‘64 and Maryann Olivere Graulich ‘66
Ralph D. ‘58M and Beth V. Gray
Scott A. Green ‘77 and Barbara Hitchens Green ‘79
Esther Frey Grossi ‘94M
R. Paul Grossmann ‘76 ‘78M and Margerie Shayka Grossmann ‘74
Richard A. Grove Jr. ‘82 and Carol Keyes Grove ‘81
La Mar T. Gunn ‘03
Frederick W. Hager ‘58M
John C. Hanrahan '82
Jay L. Halio and Diane S. Isaacs
Miriam Lloyd Halsey ‘62
Robert L. Hampel
Thomas M. Hannan
William T. Harper ‘60M
Raymond L. Harriman III
Wilma M. Harrington ‘66
Beverly A. Harris ‘59
William S. ‘52 and Margaret H. Hearn
Mary Lawshe Henderer ‘65 ‘92M
Sally Heinel Higgins ‘48 ‘72M
John A. ‘59 and Joyce P. Hildreth
Glenn D. Hinton ‘70 and Cathy Brennan Hinton ‘70
Jenny Lockwood Hoch ‘47
Arthur L. Hodges Jr. ‘53
David E. and Kathleen A. Hollowell
Robert B. Horne ‘55 and Marilyn Smith Horne ‘55
Henry R. and Linda J. Horsey
Raymond S. ‘70 and Dyana J. Howard
Howard E. Hudson Jr. ‘63 and Patricia Coyne Hudson ‘63
Robin Ritchey Huebner ‘77 ‘82M ‘86PhD
Susan Gell Hugel ‘73 ‘74M and David H. Hugel
Marvin H. Hummel ‘67M
Virginia B. Hutting ‘73
David Hutton ‘67 and Susan Deppert Hutton ‘67

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I - K

William H. Iredale ‘65 and Kay Reeser Iredale ‘65
James A. Jarell III ‘01
Sarah Jastak-Burgess ‘54M ‘63PhD
Joseph V. Jerkovich ‘62 and Janet Coote Jerkovich ‘63
Karen L. Jessee ‘73
Douglas W. Johnson ‘68 and Joyce Carlton Johnson ‘68
Anne Glutting Jones ‘66 ‘72M
Sandra Le Gore Jones ‘77
Stanley R. Jones ‘56M
Sherwood H. Joy ‘53 and Jean Layton Joy ‘54
Constance Curfman Keating ‘55 and Kenneth B. Keating
Francis Keelins
Douglas A. ‘83 and Betsy S. Kennedy
Carolyn Cochrane Kent-Hale ‘66M and John R. Hale
Krishan K. and Krishna K. Khanna
Robert Kirkland Jr. ‘50
Priscilla Wightman Koester ‘62 and Peter A. Koester
Frederick H. Kohloss ‘51M
Michael J. and Hannah G. Koziski
Robert E. Kraft
Wanda F. Krammes
Gerald C. Kratz ‘67
John A. and Janet V. Krol
James N. Krusos ‘54M
Theresa A. Kugelmann ‘83
David F. Kunca ‘63

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Donald T. Ladd ‘67
Dwayne E. ‘73 and Patricia A. Laird
Michael J. ‘78 and Joanie S. Lancellot
Ross M. Jr. ‘58 and Mary G. Lanius
Douglas N. ‘74 and Carolyn J. Lasher
Barbara Gray Lawson ‘68 and James E. Lawson Jr.
Jean C. Layton
Jean S. Lefren
Richard B. and Leigh D. LeGates
Angela C. Lemon
A. Stephen Lesesene ‘73
Don S. Lesiewicz ‘70 ‘72M
Margaret Larson Lethen ‘45 ‘78M
Ilona Kiss Lind ‘79M and Joseph P. Lind Jr.
Karen R. Lines ‘82
Robert A. Locke ‘68 ‘71M
Louise T. Loening ‘81
Kenneth M. Lomax ‘71M and Nancy Beltz Lomax ‘71
C. Edward and Mathilda M. Lorenz
Kathleen Bader Lynch ‘41

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Elizabeth H. MacFarland
Bruce R. Malcolmson ‘65 and Anne Cashell Malcolmson ‘64
A. David Mangelsdorff ‘72M ‘72PhD
Leslie S. March ‘75M ‘92PhD
Robert S. Marianelli ‘63
Kathryn Moore Massau ‘57 and Jack L. Massau
Sandra P. Mather
John D. Matlack ‘63 and M. Sue Mahla Matlack ‘61
Paul K. Mattheiss ‘61 and Carol Moore Mattheiss ‘60
Ernest Mayer Jr.’69PhD
Francis L. McCarthy ‘56M
Miriam G. McCauley
Carol Whitmarsh McKelvey ‘66 ‘69M ‘80M and James S. McKelvey
Douglas B. ‘82 and Kathleen McKenna
Donald L. ‘48 and Jonnie J. McLellan
Timothy R. and Elizabeth P. McTaggart
R. David III ‘65 and Deann A. Megee
John III and Gloria J. Merryman
Kathryn French Mesaros ‘66 and Robert C. Mesaros
Burton D. ‘81 and Donna Messick
Jack L. Messman ‘62
Harry D. Michener Jr. ‘51
Carl O. Miller ‘53 and Shirley Phillips Miller ‘69M
Catherine Hopkins Miller ‘78 ‘82M and Richard A. Miller
Karen Williams Miller ‘77
Mary E. Miller ‘55
Beverly Csizmadia Mills ‘98 and David L. Mills
Donna J. Minner ‘68
Martha R. Mitchell
Rosalie N. Mitchell
Stephen M. Mockbee ‘73 and Maria N. Kohler-Mockbee
Ruth Reinke Montgomery ‘80
Andrea S. Morris '85
William T. ‘61 and Nancy S. Morris
C. Edward Mortlock Jr. ‘56 and Betty Andrews Mortlock ‘55
L. Michael Moskovis and Dorothy J. Selinger
Winfried L. Mroz
Dorothy Levis Munroe ‘46M
Burnaby Munson
Craig W. Murray ‘93 and Dana Testa Murray ‘96
Stacey Martin Muzzi ‘99

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N - Q

Terry F. Neimeyer ‘77 and Mary Luckring Neimeyer ‘77
Janet V. Neville-Loper
Kathryn Nordstrom
Valerie Youmans Odell ‘76
Joan Eschenbach Ohl ‘68 and Ronald E. Ohl
Georgeann Keen Okie ‘63 ‘79M and Austin F. Okie
Renee G. O’Leary
Margaret Maxwell O’Neill ‘59 ‘63M ‘70M
Gerald O'Sullivan
Denise C. Park
Paul B. Parvis ‘75
Betty J. and Leonard W. Paulanka
Patricia Metzler Paulk ‘57 and James D. Paulk Jr.
William L. Jr. ‘60 and Mary O. Payne
Janice L. Pehrson ‘67 and Kristyan Panzica
Marian D. Peleski ‘86M
A. Lee Jr. ‘49 and Dorothy P. Perry
Richard W. Perry ‘56
Elizabeth M. Perse and Jeffrey A. Bergstrom
Walter G. Peters
Joseph E. Plevyak ‘78 ‘81M
W. Lyle Poe Jr. ‘69
Joyce Gottshall Ponsell ‘58
John W. Ponton Jr. ‘52
Zadoc A. Pool ‘47
Charles W. and Patricia A. Poore
Lois D. Potter
Milman E. Jr. ‘50 and Gloria I. Prettyman
Mary A. Pusey ‘66
Mary Dalrymple Putnam
Paul G. Quinn ‘63 and Joan M. Keane

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William J. Rapp III ‘75
Donald H. and Helene Reiman
James H. Richards ‘69 and Emily-May Fisher Richards ‘69
Mary P. Richards and Robert Netherland
Judith Baillie Richardson ‘72M and Phillip M. Richardson
John E. Richter ‘56 and M. Jane Wiley Richter ‘59
Edward O. Riley ‘59
Robbin Marvel Riley ‘84
Cornelius V. Robbins Jr. ‘53 ‘61M and Janet Porter Robbins ‘54
W. Eric ‘69 and Judith M. Roberson
Jane R. Roberts
Barbara P. Roe
Charles A. and Eugenia D. Rowe
Richard A. ‘50 ‘51M and Grace B. Rowe
Joseph A. Rubinfine
Robert M. Rudd ‘02M
John K. Ryder ‘86 and Suzette Asbury Ryder ‘86
Michael J. Rzucidlo ‘55

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Brian M. Sagrestano
Edward B. Samuel
Mark Samuels Lasner and Margaret D. Stetz
Margaret Hamblet Sarner ‘59 ‘65M ‘86M ‘91PhD
Ethel L. Sayre
Stevan F. and Mary L. Sayre
J. Gifford Jr. ‘68M and Patricia C. Scarborough
Josee H. Scheer
Robert L. Schmalbach '99 and Denise O'Connor Schmalbach '98
Gary W. Schmelz ‘64M ‘70PhD and Bernice Davies Schmelz ‘69M
Adele E. Schmidt
Gary L. Schoen and Andrea Gregory-Schoen
Elliot S. ‘70 and Phyllis I. Schreiber
L. Karen Walker Schultz ‘69
N. Norman Schutzman ‘41 and Helen Tomases Schutzman
Jules J. ‘53 ‘63M and Sandra B. Schwartz
Thomas R. Jr. and Bonnie K. Scott
William H. Jr. ‘50PhD and Jacqueline S. Severns
David A. Sharp ‘56
Yvonne Gause Shilling ‘59
Elizabeth Bache Shwal ‘43
Linda E. Silowka
Linda Crocker Simmons ‘75M
Stephen E. Simmons
Arlene B. Simon
E. Naudain III and Wanda M. Simons
Eleanor Bernhard Sinclair ‘55 and Daniel Sinclair IV
Jeffrey A. ‘64 and Christine L. Sindler
John W. Slack Sr. ‘59 
Heather Smith ‘76
Thomas W. ‘84 and Caroline G. Smith
Donald L. Sparks
Alfred H. Speers Jr. ‘66M
Ivar Stakgold
J. Rodman Jr. ‘63 and Karen Steele
Damie ‘56M and Diane B. Stillman
Mary J. Strattner-Gregory
Elaine A. Stueber ‘58
Lillian K. Symonds

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Francis S. Talarowski Jr. ‘75 and Susan L. Best ‘76
H. Alfred Tarrant Jr. ‘59M
Dorothy Voorhees Taylor ‘72M
Steven C. Taylor ‘78 and Carol McKee Taylor ‘78
William R. ‘59 and Frances C. Taylor
W. David Teter
Phyllis Crowe Thomas ‘78 ‘84M and Robert L. Thomas
Lloyd L. Thoms Jr.
Carolyn Thompson Thoroughgood ‘65
Steven M. Thur ‘03PhD and Rebecca Banwarth Thur ‘03M
Peter S. Tong ‘63
Ruth Arak Toor ‘53 and Jay W. Toor
Jane E. Trauger ‘83
Jane Martin Tripp ‘75M and Marenes R. Tripp
Kenneth W. ‘69 and Carolyn W. Turoczy
Thomas W. Van Grofski ‘66 ‘68M and Jacqueline Harding Van Grofski ‘63
E. Norman '03H and Suzanne J. Veasey
Harold S. ‘52M ‘55PhD and Phyllis P. Veloric
Ann Shepard Visalli ‘87 ‘90M and Jeffrey W. Visalli
Steven J. Waidley ‘99
Kayellen Porter Walker '78
Schuyler C. Wickes ‘92 and Rebecca Beugless Wickes ‘92
Julie Mapes Wilgen and Michael C. Wilgen
Ann B. Williams ‘56
David R. Williams ‘57
John L. Williams
Burriss G. Wilson Jr. ‘96 ‘01M
Gen Cameron Wilson ‘77 ‘84M
Ronald T. Wood Jr. ‘65 ‘75M and Phylis Stone Wood ‘65
Stanley Worden Jr. ‘59
Robin Neuhauser Wray ‘80
Mary J. Wrenn
William E. Wrenshall IV ‘74
James D. Wright ‘66
John S. ‘81 and Christine M. Yasik
Edmund A. ‘60M ‘64PhD and Mary M. Zavaglia

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