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Graduates of the Last Decade Share their Stories

Why Do You Give to UD?

Alumni, parents, and friends give to the University of Delaware for a plethora of reasons. UD's youngest alumni, the graduates of the last decade, have stepped up to the plate to show their support of UD and answer "Why do you give to UD?"

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Class of 2002


Nina Cudney, '02

"UD gave me four of the most incredible years of my life. I learned so much about myself as a person and a student."


Noel Dietrich, '02

"UD gave me some of the best years of my life. My experience in the Department of Communication's graduate program taught me how to think critically and not be afraid to express those thoughts. Before grad school, I didn't have that sort of confidence."


Stephen Greeley, '02

"I want to see UD become an even more elite university than it already is. I want to see UD in the top 25 public universities in all of the major rankings."


Kerry Halbedl, '02

"I give to UD because I'm proud to be a Blue Hen. I got a great education, and made memories and friends to last a lifetime while at UD. So in my mind, the best way to honor that, is to give back."


Jonathan Heimall, '02

"I give to the UD Men's Crew team since it taught me many lessons about work ethic and perseverance that could not be taught in the classroom."


Lorrie Burke Jackson, '02

"I want to support the institution that gave me such a wonderful college experience. I am so greatful that UD is my hometown school. I am proud to be a Blue Hen and want to help the University continue to be a pillar in our community."

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Class of 2003


Meghan Dougherty Cherenack, '03

"I graduated from UD with a great education and great friends...can't get any better than that!"


Tara Wheeler, '03

"I gave to UD's Alumni Association because they supported me while I was an undergraduate. Without their scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to travel to Austria and Germany for a research project in Winter of 2003."

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Class of 2004


Rachel Sackett, '04

"I give to UD because I am a proud Blue Hen Alum who wants to see the traditions of such a fine institution continue!"

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Class of 2005


Jonathan Crook, '05

"My time at UD were some of the greatest memories of my life. I'm forever grateful, and hope my contributions will assist others in creating wonderful memories similar to those I have."


Will Rayfield, '05

"To help give others the same experience."

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Class of 2006


Stephen Adams, '06

"UD is a great institution and gave me an excellent education. I want to support the programs that supported me while I was a student there. I want to make sure that students have the same (or better) experiences I had when I was there."


Vincent Jackson, '06

"I give because I see the benefit first hand of donating to the groups or initiatives at UD as I still work on campus."


Nicole Latino, '06

"My time at UD forever changed who I am as a person. I can not say enough wonderful things about my experience there. I can only hope that my small donation can make a big difference in a future student's life."


Chris Metkiff, '06

"UD's given me so much. It's exciting to see the improvements in the “Messenger” as well as driving through campus and really seeing our donations at work. Donations help the school move forward and be an elite institution."


Kathryn O'Brien, '06

"Apart from the social aspect - meeting some of my best and closest friends - UD provided me an education that has led me to the path I'm on today. The campus, community, professors are A+ and I hope what I give will help all future blue hens!"


Stephanie Spatola, '06

"I give back for our current students so they can have the same great experience that I had at UD."

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Class of 2007


Tim Crowley, '07

"I give to UD to keep the Delaware Experience alive, and to ensure that future generations of Blue Hens can have the same experiences I had during what I still refer to as the best four years of my life!"


Sonia Dasgupta, '07

"The University of Delaware gave me a great education mostly on scholarship and grants and I would like someone else to be given the same opportunity."


Dan Fitzpatrick, '07

"The Men's Crew Team and Coaches were very influential in my college experience and I want to make sure that future students with a passion for rowing have the opportunity for a similar experience."


Tyler Kupper, '07

"I gave back to the UD Athletic Fund to continue to enhance the facilities and programs that benefit so many of Delaware's Student Athletes."


Kelly Strayer Puza, '07

"I'm constantly amazed that UD prepared me and other graduating teachers so well that we are able to make a visible difference in our students' lives from the start. I give back to UD so my professors can continue to inspire future teachers to do the same."


Kathryn Taylor, '07

"I have such fond memories of my time at UD, and I'd like to continue to give so that other students can have those same experiences."

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Class of 2008


Carol Malkin, '08

"UD gave me a new perspective of what I could acheive. I can't give much, but I couldn't imagine not giving."


Ryan McWilliams, '08

"To support the University that put me on the path to success."


Karina Navas, '08

"Because it helped shape who I am today."


Shannon Robbins, '08

"Because the time I spent at UD was the best time of my life."

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Class of 2009


Dana Arschin, '09

"I spent the best four years of my life at UD and they gave me so much... I want to give back!"


Andrea Bombino, '09

"As the recipient of a scholarship I know how important Alumni support is for UD. I am proud of the education I received and hope to help others achieve their goal of graduating from the University of Delaware."


Christina Evans, '09

"As a former Team Leader at the Fund for Delaware, I know how important alumni donations are for the University. By giving back to UD, we are helping to provide the same great experience we had for a whole new group of students."


Greg Gillespie, '09

"My undergraduate program at UD really changed my life!"


Rachelle Hay, '09

"To me, giving is a cycle. As a recipient of a UD Merit Scholarship, I was able to attend the University thanks to the generosity of donors. As such, I hope I can play a part in returning the favor to other deserving students."


Kandis Kovalsky, '09

"So I can help to assure that others are able to experience what I was able to at University of Delaware, and to assure that its legacy lives on."


Ryan Lawrence, '09

"I owe a lot to UD besides education - friends, memories, and experiences. But most important, UD's where I discovered who I was as a person. It's important to give back to a place that had such an influence in my life."


Sarah Pierson Lawrence, '09

"UD can't run on tuition alone- it's just not enough money. I give back because I want future Blue Hens to have the same great experience that I did. I also choose to support green initiatives, so I am helping the environment too."


Meghan Proehl, '09

"Because I loved my time spent at the university and giving back is my small way of showing my appreciation for the experience that I had."


Molly Rand, '09

"I currently work in development & alumni relations, and through my experience have realized the value of giving back. Regardless of the capacity, charitable giving is extremely important and something people of all ages should make a habit of doing."


Nick Shissias, '09

"I worked for the Department of Annual Giving, and I know how much of a difference these gifts can make."

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Class of 2010


Julie Lamborn, '10

"Tuition and state support cover only a fraction of UD's funding. My education would not have been possible without the generosity of UD alumni, parents and friends, so now it's my turn to pay it forward and support the next generation of students!"


Evan Wilbert, '10

"I give to UD because I want to be able to look at the campus every year and be prouder that I went to UD than I was the year before."

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Class of 2011


Jessica Chason, '11

"If you reflect on how much something has given to your life, you will want to give back to it. UD volleyball provided life-long friends, enhanced my self-confidence, and gave me a place in a group greater than myself. I give back to that program."


Erica Cohen, '11

"I have been the fortunate recipient of the gifts of so many amazing alumni. Without gifts from others I wouldn't have gone abroad, interned at Cosmopolitan magazine, or received my scholarship, experiences that made my college career so incredible."


Dan Gerber, '11

"My college years at UD were truly priceless. I gave back because I believe in the future of the institution and want to ensure it continues to grow and develop. I am a proud Blue Hen Forever!"


Stefanie Kahn, '11

"I give to UD because I am and will forever be a Blue Hen. The various clubs that I was apart of and HRIM seriously helped shape who I am today. Couldn't have asked for a better college experience!"


Adriana Simoes, '11

"Even though it's never much, it is important to me to give back. I grew a lot during my time at UD, and I want UD to continue growing as well!"


Andrew Tremblay, '11

"Because UD gave so much to me."

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