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The gift of education is truly the only timeless gift there is.

Students Show Their Appreciation

Thank you notes come in all shapes and sizes – a sticky note from a co-worker, a card from a niece or nephew after the holidays, a letter from newlyweds.  Last week, hundreds of UD scholarship and award recipients wrote thank you notes for what may be the most precious gift of all – their education. 

More than 600 students crowded into the Trabant University Center to thank the donors of their Thank Youawards for the opportunities and experiences made possible by the aid they receive. 

Students expressed their gratitude for a myriad of things – the chance to study abroad, the life-long friendships they have built at UD, the exciting courses of study they are able to pursue, and the lightening of a significant financial load. 

“I grew up in a family with a single parent, so saving for college was difficult,” wrote Kristen Fonte, the recipient of the Judy Cohen Schwartz Scholarship.  “I am taking out many loans to pay for school so this is an unbelievable weight off my shoulders.”

Jessica Woodruff, associate director of donor relations, was pleased with the turnout – and with the students’ efforts.

“These notes are so important to our donors.  They love to hear how they are making an impact, and how their commitment is changing lives,” Jessica said.  “I am impressed with the caliber of our students, and how seriously they take these notes. Scholarship Thank You They know how crucial it is to show their appreciation.”

In addition to the academic lessons these students will take from their college careers, their scholarships are teaching them a thing or two about giving back.  According to Jessica Hollandsworth, the recipient of the Gilbert Chase ’33 and Family Scholarship, “I hope to return the gift I have been given by donating to future students in need.”