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The Parents Fund goal for the 2012-2013 academic year was to raise $250,000, but we successfully ripped through that goal and raised $293,156! Make your gift online by selecting "Parents Fund" as your designation.

Parents Fund Provides Opportunties Outside the Classroom

Students attending the University continue to learn outside of the classroom.  Extracurricular activities allow students to become fully engaged with the University of Delaware community and learn from experiences with others.

The UD Parents Fund helps foster opportunities for students by providing them with a variety of activities to deliver a high quality college experience.  The Parents Fund supports Late-Night Programming, First Year Experience, Career Services, Healthy Hens, and many other student activities.

Joseph Petito and Annette Galassi, parents of Melissa '13, state, "UD has a wonderfully broad academic program, and we think it's important to have an equally strong set of extracurricular activities, too.  That's where the Parents Fund can make a difference."

"Some students need to be lured out of their dorm rooms and away from their computers to meet new friends and get the most out of their college years.  Gifts to the Parents Fund provide fun, alcohol-free activities that engage undergraduates in non-academic activities."

Student clubs and organizations help students acquire important life skills and encourage them to pursue interests that they are passionate about. 

Joe and Annette voice, "As parents, we pay tuition, but tuition doesn't cover all the costs.  If all of us make a gift of any size to the Parents Fund, we collectively will have a large impact."

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