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Private Support Matters

Tuition and state funding do not cover the costs of educating our students. Every student on our campus benefits from private support.

UD Alumni Recognize Importance of Giving

As a graduate of the University of Delaware in 1991, one of the most important things I remember was how Delaware didn't make me feel like a dime a dozen. When I was searching for colleges, I received so many pieces of mail from so many different schools. UD was different. They made a personal investment to get me to visit. From a small town in western Michigan, this unique treatment was huge. I felt like the University of Delaware wanted me to attend. UD was what I imagined a college to look and feel like.

If I had to summarize my experience, I would say the University of Delaware is where I learned to learn. They taught me how to think. I had to learn how to work effectively and efficiently in team settings. Years later, this is an integral part of my career. In one class I took, there were only four students and one professor. The professor made us take turns teaching class. It was brilliant. Not only did we have to learn the material, we had to learn how to learn it. I learned how to learn independently but also how to communicate instruction.

The Honors Program really attracted me to the University of Delaware, too. My professors would invite me and other students to their homes. The program felt comfortable and personal. It felt like a small community although it was a larger campus. It made making friends and connections easy.

My future wife transferred to Delaware her junior year. We got married our senior year and became Double Dels - alumni married to alumni. I am grateful that that UD was accommodating. Everything worked out well for us.

I really appreciate all that the University of Delaware did for me.  That's why I give. They gave me professional opportunities. I’m often surprised with how often I see UD in the national news, especially since I live in Michigan. The University has an academic freedom that doesn’t exist everywhere. It’s very valuable. I had a tuition scholarship and my wife had financial aid, both which existed from the support of previous Blue Hens. Current students benefit directly from today’s donors, and that’s something you can feel great about.

My advice to current students? Work or do something in the community that you are passionate about. Be active and expose yourself to different fields. Take advantage of opportunities you care about.

John McGeehan is a 1991 Mechanical Engineer major currently residing in Michigan with his wife, Christy McGeehan, a 1991 Psychology major. They have four potential Blue Hens, ranging from ages 8 to 15. They make their gift each year to UD. You can too at www.udel.edu/makeagift.