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Honoring Commitment to UD

 “Many people don’t understand how agriculture impacts their daily lives, but I hope I can change that,” says Rachael Dubinsky, a junior who is working on a double degree in agriculture and natural resources and interpersonal communications.  Her goal is to help the public grasp the importance of the groceries they buy and the food they eat.

As this year’s recipient of the Milton L. Draper Student Alumni Award, Rachael embodies the characteristics the award recognizes ― dedication to and enthusiasm for the University.

rachaelRachael’s commitment to the University shows in her passion for her schoolwork, but also in her extra-curricular activities.  As an Ag Ambassador, Rachael volunteers her time to promote the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources by meeting with prospective students, giving tours, and hosting events for the College.  She also shows the UD spirit as a member of the Color Guard, and works two on-campus jobs.  She lives and breathes UD, and is committed to helping connect alumni to their alma mater.

Receiving the Draper award was a tremendous honor for Rachael, who says,

"Being recognized for your hard work is every student's dream."

In addition to being proud of her accomplishments, she is also grateful for the financial assistance the award provides.  “Being from a single-parent family, and having a sister who will be in college soon, it is important to have assistance like this,” Rachael says.  “I am so grateful.”