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We Are ‘Stakeholders’ in University’s Success

By Louis Hirsh and Helen Bowers, PhD, Faculty/Staff Campaign Co-Chairs

There is a simple idea behind our service and financial contributions to the University of Delaware.  As UD faculty and staff members, we believe we are more than University employees. We see ourselves and our colleagues as “stakeholders” in the ongoing success of UD as a preeminent pubic institution of higher learning. And, if we think about it, we have been stakeholders from the first day we arrived on campus.

For example, Lou has worked at UD since August 1984. It was a great school then, more than 25 years ago. Today, it is even better. Working in Admissions, Lou has seen the quality of the student body improve over the many years. He also knows from firsthand experience that a stunning campus, faculty of great teachers and researchers, first-rate facilities, and enriching programs and study opportunities are powerful incentives for prospective students to accept an offer of admission to UD.

As stakeholders, we’ve been consistent donors over the years because our commitment to the University’s continuous improvement and ongoing success goes beyond our day-to-day work. We are well aware that “excellence in everything we do” at UD is in large part made possible through the generosity of donors—and that includes us. If we expect others to give back to the University, then we as faculty and staff members should also be willing to do so.

By giving back, we not only support the place where we work, we also lead the way in bringing about excellence and advancing the University’s mission. And who better than us, as faculty and staff members, to witness the tangible impact financial contributions make on students, faculty, staff, programs, facilities and more at UD?

One of Helen’s early giving targets, for instance, was to support the purchase of databases for research in business. Today, the Lerner College has a very impressive list of databases. Furthermore, the current collection of databases and the commitment to making data available to support research is vital to attracting the best young scholars to the College. There is always the opportunity to designate gifts to areas at UD that match one’s interests or passion.

Our giving is also an outgrowth of our confidence in the University’s leadership. Presidents David Roselle and Patrick Harker have been extraordinary leaders and good stewards. The many improvements on campus bear witness to their leadership and the collective efforts of UD’s staff and faculty members, alumni, trustees, friends and others.

It gives us great satisfaction to give back and know that our contributions will make a difference now and in the future at UD. Most important, we are grateful for our fellow “stakeholders” and the amazing difference they make each day at UD, through both their work and financial giving.

UD Faculty and Staff, please visit www.udel.edu/fscampaign to set up your contributions.

Louis Hirsh is Director of Admissions at the University of Delaware.

Helen Bowers is an Associate Professor of Finance and Director, MS Finance Program at the University of Delaware.