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UDairy Creamery Opens at Special Ag Day Ceremony

After 18 months of fundraising and preparation, the UDairy Creamery was unveiled during a ribbon cutting ceremony and officially opened at Ag Day on Saturday, April 30.

The Creamery, housed in a new building adjacent to Townsend Hall, served ice cream to approximately 2,500 people on its first day in operation.

AG Creamery

Tom Sims, deputy dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the T.A. Baker Professor of Soil and Environmental Chemistry, discussed those who helped make the dream of a creamery a reality, saying that it started with the Unidel Foundation, which provided a gift of $400,000 in seed money.

Sims thanked Jenny McDermott, facilities manager, Katy O’Connell, communications manager, Dan Severson, the first interim creamery manager, and Melinda Litvinas, creamery manager, for all their work. Sims also thanked everyone who "generously donated to make this facility a reality."

Robin Morgan, dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), who spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony, pointed out the many benefits of the creamery: "This creamery represents how to teach and how to do business development and management. It's about sustainable and environmentally sound agriculture, it's about food safety and food science and it's about communications and marketing."

UD Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, Monica Taylor, noted that the Creamery is focused on students and on giving them an opportunity to have learning experiences that stretch beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

"It is student managed from the science to the sales, the milk to the marketing," Taylor said. "For our students who are here, you may not remember all the notes you have taken in class, but I can guarantee for those involved with this ice cream, you’ll leave UD with a deeper knowledge and understanding of both agriculture and business than you could have ever dreamed."

Prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, the UDairy Creamery hosted donors and dignitaries at a special event held Wednesday evening in the new building.

Among those in attendance was Tom Palchak, manager of the Berkey Creamery at Pennsylvania State University, who said that his best piece of advice for those involved with the UDairy Creamery is to make sure it is "a positive reflection on the University and on the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources" because "they’re going to be making a product that is indelibly tied to the University."

Palchak said the creamery is "very impressive, very well thought out" and noted that its leaders must “make sure that they’re relevant in their support of teaching and research and outreach programs in their respective departments and colleges; as long as that mission remains in the forefront, they will continue to survive and thrive into the future.”

To make your gift to the UDairy Creamery, please visit our online form. Be sure to note "UDairy Creamery" in the "other" designation. While the Creamery is in full operation, there are several funding opportunities still available. Learn more.