Generosity, Scholarship Recognized at Annual Event
University of Delaware

From left to right: Martha Gilman, accepting the President’s Award for Philanthropic Commitment of behalf of her late mother, Muriel; Dr. Harker; and J. Rachel McCulley, Recipient of the swank Human Services Disabilities Studies Scholarship.

Private Support Matters

Tuition and state funding do not cover the costs of educating our students. Every student on our campus benefits from private support.

Celebration of Scholarship

Generosity, Scholarship Recognized at Annual Event

We give and receive gifts on all sorts of occasions, but rarely do they change our lives.  Scholarships are the exception to that rule because they provide the priceless gift of education.  On April 7 at Clayton Hall, President Harker hosted the 3rd annual Celebration of Scholarship for scholarship donors and student scholarship recipients.  This important evening was an opportunity for students to show their gratitude and for patrons to learn about the young men and women in whom they have invested. 

Scholarship recipients were enthused by the opportunity to speak with the benefactors who make their education possible.   David Lombardi, BE ’11, recipient of the John Puglisi Scholarship, found it “humbling to be around so many talented students and donors who are committed to their success.”   Jessica Chason, BE ’11, recipient of the Pinto Family Scholarship said, “It was great to be able to tell the donors how much their generosity is appreciated, and how much they matter to us.” 

This year’s event saw the start of a new tradition: the presentation of the President’s COSAward for Philanthropic Commitment.  This award, given in recognition of leadership, commitment and dedication to supporting a rich and stimulating undergraduate environment, was presented posthumously to Muriel E. Gilman and accepted by her daughter, Martha Gilman.   Muriel Gilman and her late husband Marvin established three scholarships at the University of Delaware, benefitting almost 50 students thus far, and many more in the future.

Recent graduate Rachel McCulley, EH ’11, recipient of the Swank Human Services Disabilities Scholarship, brought the night to an emotional close by addressing the 300 guests and sharing how her scholarship had deeply enriched her college experience .  “I know that everyone here has a story to tell because someone believed in them,” she said.  “The ongoing encouragement and support from the Swank Foundation motivated me to achieve all that I could during my time at the University of Delaware. Tonight, this event has brought together the students and donors to continue the cycle of motivating and encouraging one another.”

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