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"When I joined the BHLP, I did not consider myself a leader at all. Through these programs, I learned a lot about leadership in general, but more importantly, I learned about myself and how leadership actually does apply to my life."
-Brittany Enslin, ’13
“The Parents Fund helped the Resident Student Association (RSA) host a Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls conference. This event provided me with an unbelievable leadership opportunity. Without financial support from the Parents Fund, we could not have hosted this conference.”
-Holly Smail, ’12
“I have such strong bonds to the other students. [Through QUEST], we became a family really quickly and that really helped in the transition from high school to college.”
-Kellie Forbes, ’16

As Vice President for Student Life, my role is to support student learning both in and out of the classroom. 

From student leadership development and career services programs, to first-year activities and student engagement events, the wide variety of enriching, out-of-classroom programs at UD is extensive.

But, to become a reality, these programs require significant funding beyond tuition and student fees. 

That’s where the Parents Fund comes in.

The Parents Fund allows us to maintain and grow programs for first-year students, enhance late-night and weekend programming, expand Leadership Development programs, and extend program offerings to increase academic exploration and career development. These are experiences that transform young people and have a lasting influence on their lives.

The student quotes to the left speak for themselves.

Make a gift to the Parents Fund today to impact the undergraduate student experience for your son or daughter.

Thank you for your support.

Michael Gilbert

P.S.  Your gift makes college life richer and more meaningful for thousands students— including yours. Visit www.udel.edu/makeagift today.

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