DDS March 12 Survey Results

Delaware Diamonds Society Quarterly Update
Spring 2012

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Unveiling results of recent DDS survey

In 2011, two surveys were conducted to gauge Delaware Diamonds Society (DDS) members’ attitudes toward the University and help in developing a new strategy for the Society. Both surveys explored perceptions of quality, communications, philanthropic behavior and capacity, and identified possible changes to the structure of the DDS recognition program.

The main survey, administered to current, former and potential DDS members, included 25 questions and was sent to 3,367 email addresses. There were 906 survey responders, a strong 29% when compared to other institutions' usual 10-15% response rates. A secondary survey with 22 questions was designed specifically for young alumni donors, defined as undergraduate alumni from ’01 to ’10.

Two focus groups were also conducted, and included a refinement of the same questions. One focus group took place in Newark with faculty and staff of UD, a leading donor segment, and the other was conducted in Wilmington with current DDS members. Survey results and focus groups reflected the same key findings:

  • 90% of respondents are “positive” or “very positive” about the University of Delaware
  • 79% of respondents are “very interested” in the University’s future  
  • 98% of respondents feel “fully informed” or "somewhat informed” about UD
  • 61% of respondents  report  that  their  overall  satisfaction  with  DDS  is  “very satisfied” or  “satisfied”
  • 84% of  respondents  feel  the  minimum  DDS  level  of $1000 is  “about  right”
  • 63% ranked UD as their “highest” or as a “high” philanthropic priority
  • 12% of  respondents  reported  they  would  consider  an  increased  gift  for  additional  benefits/recognition

Respondents underscored results by describing their philanthropy motivations.  When  asked  why  they  give,  72%  of  current or lapsed  respondents  say  they  give  due  to  the  personal  satisfaction  of  helping  to  provide  outstanding  teaching,  research,  and  public  service  at  UD,  and 66% feel the obligation  to  give  back.

The survey results were positive—both toward the University in general and DDS, specifically—and will help UD in its rebranding efforts.

We appreciate all that you, our loyal DDS members, do for the University and look forward to unveiling a rebranded Delaware Diamonds Society to you in the coming months. If you have questions, please e-mail us at or call Robin Wray, director of annual giving, at 302-831-6029.

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