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Let's talk Excellence.

"Striving for Excellence in all that we do" extends to the support we seek for UD's future. All alumni are being called upon to support their College.

Corporations & Foundations

The University of Delaware has a long-standing and proud tradition of private sector support from organizations. These alliances, both philanthropic and strategic, help us achieve our goals and better serve our community. The corporations, foundations, private organizations, and groups that support our efforts share a strong commitment to excellence in higher education.

Corporations representing a wide range of industries view the University as an important resource and a much needed asset. Whether local, regional, national, or international, businesses count on us to meet a variety of needs, including research support, graduate recruitment, and staff training. We are always interested in expanding existing relationships as well as creating new ones.

Foundation support has provided for quality teaching, built state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, expanded access to higher education, and has underwritten diverse programs across the University. Foundation support in recent years has also supported the University’s growing research program and its important work with the local community.

Private organizations—usually those with a specific interest—and groups also contribute to making this great institution even better.

If you are interested in corporate or foundation support, please contact Shabool Henry AS86, Interim Senior Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, at (302) 831-4460 or