2008 Faculty Senate Report - UGS Summary (2007-2008)
The 2007-2008 UGS Committee reviewed 142 courses that were submitted for approval as satisfying the DLE requirement. 109 of these courses were approved. Of these 109 courses, 74 were initially approved and 35 were approved after further evaluation of revised course proposals.  

2007 Faculty Senate Report - DLE Designation 
The value of the DLE arises from intentional learning, not solely from engaging in the experience. Because there are a myriad of ways that students can meet the 3 credit DLE requirement, there must be a common expectation of what learning should occur as a result of the experience. Both faculty and students must be aware of this expectation.

2003 Faculty Senate Report
This report is submitted to the Faculty Senate satisfying the stipulation of Resolution #9 of the University of Delaware Faculty Senate Resolutions, General Education Program (GEP), March 2000.

2001 Faculty Senate Report
Report of the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on General Education.