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Our Mission

The First Year Experience spans your entire first year beginning with your admission to the University of Delaware, moving through new student orientation, to your interactions with students in the residence halls, with your faculty members in and out of the classroom, and with other members of our UD community. The First Year Experience at the University of Delaware helps you develop your potential to succeed personally, academically, and socially, not only within our diverse community but as a member of a global society. You will receive an introduction to the history and traditions of UD while being exposed to the cultural and recreational resources of the campus and region.

Goal Statement and Learning Outcomes

Our goal at the University of Delaware is to prepare you to succeed not only as a student, but as an individual who can and will make a difference in our world. This preparation starts in your First Year, as you begin to acquire new knowledge and skills, as you open yourself to new challenges and opportunities, as you learn to critically evaluate what you see, hear and read, and as you develop personal relationships that will stay with you for a lifetime. Your First Year Experience is your first step in finding yourself, finding your passion, and preparing to live a truly satisfying life as a knowledgeable, informed and engaged member of a global society. We hope that in your first year you make a personal commitment to helping make UD’s campus welcoming to all of your fellow students, and remember that you learn by sharing your experiences and ideas and respecting those of others.

Your First Year Experience offers you several opportunities to develop the skills and confidence to progress in your undergraduate curriculum and personal development. By the end of your First Year, you will be impressed by what you have learned, and will realize that learning doesn’t happen only in the traditional classroom or laboratory with your professor. If you open yourself to opportunities, you will learn and grow by taking advantage of what UD offers in the residence halls, in clubs and organizations, in services like our Career Services Center, our Office of Undergraduate Research, and our Office of Service Learning, and in the many cultural and artistic venues.

While UD offers multiple opportunities for all students to learn and grow, it is important that you do your part. Therefore, we expect that, by the end of your First Year, you will have engaged in specific activities and will have begun your journey towards mastering certain competencies. These are the learning outcomes we hope, you will attain by the end of your first year:

  • Identify how your personal decision making can impact your wellbeing and your ability to reach your goals.
  • Engage in experiences that contribute to your understanding of what it means to be a respectful and contributing member of a diverse community and global society.
  • Develop a plan to ensure your academic success at UD while benefitting from the many resources available to you.
  • Begin to develop your ability to critically analyze and synthesize information.
  • Deliver, using appropriate technology, a reasoned, persuasive argument both orally and in writing.
  • Develop mentoring relationships.

As your First Year at UD draws to a close, we have several hopes for you. We hope you’ll feel comfortable in, and connected to, our community. We hope you’ll feel you can succeed in both your academic and social lives. Most of all, we hope that you’ll be excited about beginning your sophomore year, because you’ve discovered that UD is the right place for you!

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