The First Year Experience is your first step in an exciting educational journey that will help you find your place at the University of Delaware and build strong social and academic foundations.

New Student Orientation

Welcome to the University of Delaware community! During your New Student Orientation, we will provide you and your family with the information and tools you need to explore UD's offerings, access important resources, learn about a wide range of activities and programs, and discover what it means to be a "Fightin' Blue Hen."

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Extended Orientation Opportunities

New Student Orientation and the Blue Hen Leadership Program offer extended orientation programming for incoming students! Students may participate in one of two programs, SUMMIT and QUEST, which will both allow students the opportunity to start a journey towards self-discovery and personal development.

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1743 Welcome Days

In 1743 new ideas, new discovery, and new directions embodied the humble beginnings of a small institution growing over time to become the University of Delaware. In this same spirit, you will arrive on-campus and embark on your Blue Hen journey during 1743 Welcome Days where you can CONNECT with the UD community, EXPLORE all UD has to offer, and consider how you will leave your mark and CONTRIBUTE to this community.

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First Year Common Reader

The shared common reader is a unique opportunity to not only engage in a meaningful conversation with your fellow students but to begin to share in the intellectual life of the entire UD community. The book is read before arriving on campus with speakers, films, and other cultural events, organized around the theme of the book throughout your first semester.

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First Year Seminar

First Year Seminars (FYS) are led by faculty who work closely with upper-level undergraduate peer mentors and usually have less than twenty five students per seminar. These seminars are designed to emphasize class discussion, and to begin your intellectual journey at the University of Delaware. Your First Year Seminar will assist you in adjusting to college life and provide you with a unique learning experience. You will have the opportunity to explore the University of Delaware and learn about those things that are vital to your success.

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Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life will help you establish a sense of belonging in the larger University community through community development, campus involvement opportunities, and exposure to campus services and units that will enhance your out-of-class experience. The residential experience allows you to explore broad citizenship themes through a variety of service and philanthropy initiatives and community discussions. Take advantage of the variety of activities designed to orient you to the campus and assist you with your transition to the university.

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Academic Success

You want to hit the ground running as a new student at the University of Delaware‚ and this means understanding your professors' expectations in this new academic environment. The Office of Academic Enrichment can help you get a handle on this quickly, and show you how to get the most out of your studying. Check out the workshops, classes and one-on-one opportunities available to help you ensure that your study strategies are sharp and effective. A wide range of individual and group peer tutoring is offered, too! Learn more about what Academic Enrichment can do for you.

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Student Activities (RSOs)

Take advantage of the many ways in which you can get involved on campus by joining a Registered Student Organization (RSO) here on campus. These out-of-classroom experiences will help you grow academically and individually, enhance your overall achievement, strengthen your career choices, and build your resume. You are sure to find something that matches your interests among the over 350 current RSOs.

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