Emerging Technology

Unit 13-2 Emerging Technology

After completing this unit, you will be able to:


Read chapter 26 of the Internet Literacy textbook to study the concepts covered by this unit.

Online Activities

New technologies follow a cycle that includes invention, prototyping, proof of concept, productizing, and manufacture. Throughout this process, the inventions are called emerging technologies. It often takes many years for an emerging technology to achieve widespread use in the marketplace. This following activities have you explore some of the technologies that promise to improve and enrich the Internet in the 21st Century.


As was mentioned at the end of the previous unit, one of the most weighty assignments in this course is the term paper that you will publish to the Web and submit for a grade by putting a link on your home page that your instructor will click to read your term paper. If you are having trouble deciding on a term paper topic, consider writing about the potential societal impact of one of the emerging technologies discussed in Chapter 26. The exercises at the end of Chapter 26 are particularly stimulating in terms of possibly helping you decide upon a term paper topic.

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