Measurement Theory and Techniques for Classroom Teachers

(Classroom Assessment)

EDUC 451, section 070, Winter 2000

Dublin, London, and Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Instructor:            Dr. Frank B. Murray



Required Text:  Robert Linn and Norman Gronlund (1995).  Measurement and Assessment in Teaching (7th Edition). Merrill: Prentice Hall. (LG)


Case Studies: Class discussions with the students in EDUC 390 will be based on a series of seven case studies that involvement measurement and assessment issues along with issues of instructional strategies.


Course Goals & Objectives


In their Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students (1990),

the American Federation of Teachers, National Council on Measurement in Education, and the National Education Association have stated that all teachers should be skilled in


·       Choosing assessment methods appropriate for instructional decisions.

·       Developing assessments appropriate for instructional decisions.

·       Administering, scoring, and interpreting the results of both externally produced and teacher-produced assessment methods.

·       Using assessment results when making decisions about individual students, planning teaching, developing curriculum, and school improvement.

·       Developing valid pupil grading procedures, which use pupil assessments.

·       Communicating assessment results to students, parents, other lay audiences, and other educators.

·       Recognizing unethical, illegal, and otherwise inappropriate assessment methods and uses of assessment information.



This course is designed to provide a sound basis for developing these professional competencies.  It emphasizes the selection, development, interpretation and use of a wide range of assessment instruments appropriate to different types of learning goals and educational purposes.  It is strongly oriented toward problem solving, the application of concepts and skills to specific educational problems, and developing a sound basis for continuing professional growth.  When you complete this course you will be able to:


·       Select assessments appropriate to different educational goals and purposes

·       Develop, administer, score, evaluate, and interpret the results of a variety of teacher-made assessment instruments.

·       Locate, evaluate, and interpret the results of standardized tests for particular educational goals and purposes




Course Requirements


1. Attendance in class and scheduled school visits are a course requirement.  Each unexcused absence will result in a deduction of 5 points.


2. There will be a final examination that will cover the readings and lectures. The examination questions will be short answer and you will be awarded additional points for discovering any item that violates any of the principles presented in class. (60 points)


3. Students will be required to keep a journal of in which you note examples of measurement and assessment you encounter in everyday life and in the schools of Ireland, England and Scotland.  You will, for example, be constantly assessing new things you encounter – restaurants, guides, exhibits, gifts, purchases, people you meet, school practices, prices, money and so on. The principles presented in your text and in class are directly applicable to these everyday assessments and one test of your understanding of these principles is your application of them to life in the UK. (20 points)


4. Successful completion of the practicum and case studies is a course requirement.  Each class session, three of you, working as a team, will prepare a four-question quiz for each chapter that is assigned. Your quiz will be administered to the class and you will score and interpret the results.  Your team also will take the leadership in the discussion of one case study and answer selected questions from those at the end of the case study. (20 points)




Grades will be determined by a point system.  The examination will be worth 60 points, the journal will be worth 20 points and the practicum and case study will be worth 20 points.  Letter grades will be assigned as follows:


A – 90-100 points

B – 75-89 points

C – 60-74 points

D – 50-59 points

E – 0-49 points

Course Outline


Date                                                 Topic                                       Reading Assignment____________


Tues. 1/4/00                Check in Newark International Airport;

depart on Virgin Atlantic #2,            departs 9:25 pm


Wed. 1/5/00                Arrive in London Heathrow at 9:05 am;

depart 10:55 am for Dublin, arriving at

12:10pm to check into Cassidy’s Hotel,

7 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin.


Thurs. 1/6/00               Class: Introduction; Tour (afternoon).                 L & G: Chapters 1 & 2


Fri. 1/7/00                   Class: What to measure for whom                          L & G: Chapters 3 & 4


Sat. 1/8/00                   Tour of Glendalough and Wicklow Mountains


Sun. 1/9/00                  free time


Mon. 1/10/00              School visit and lecture at University College, Dublin


Tues. 1/11/00              Leave for London at 8:50 am on British Midlands #125

                                    Sherlock Holmes Hotel, 108 Baker Street, London


Wed. 1/12/00              Class:Writing short answer, T/F, & matching            L & G: Chapter 5 & 6 



Thurs. 1/13/00             Class:Writing M-C, interpretive & essay               L & G Chapters 7 – 9



Fri. 1/14/00                 Class:Administering, scoring, evaluating your     L & G: Chapter 12      



Sat. 1/15/00                 Tour of Bath & Stonehenge     


Sun. 1/16/00                free time


Mon. 1/17/00              Class Communicating your assessments:                L & G: Chapter 13

                                    Grading & Conferencing


Tues. 1/18/00              Class: Interpreting the Results of Standardized            L & G: Chapters 14 & 17



Wed. 1/19/00              School Visit               





Date                                                 Topic                                      Reading Assignment____________



Thurs. 1/20/--23/00   LONG WEEKEND


Mon. 1/24/00              Tour of Cambridge


Tues. 1/25/00              School visit                


Wed. 1/26/00              Leave for Edinburgh from London Euston Railway Station

                                    Royal British Hotel, 20 Princes’s St., Edinburgh


Thurs  1/27/00             Moray House Institute of Education (orientation & school assignments)


Fri. 1/28/00                 Practicum (morning)  Edinburgh City Tour (afternoon)


Sat. 1/29/00                 Tour of St. Andrews


Sun 1/30/00                 free time


Mon 1/31/00               Practicum


Tues. 2/1/00                Practicum


Wed. 2/2/00                Practicum


Thurs. 2/3/00               Final Examination


Fri. 2/4/00                   Depart Edinburgh Airport, British Midlands #57 at 12:45pm for Heathrow Airport. Depart for Newark on Virgin Atlantic #1 at 4:00pm, arriving at 6:40 pm