Como agua para chocolate
Moving Through the Lesson
 The following options are available on most pages in Naranjas: 
ÍNDICE to take you to the index. CONTINUAR to take you to the next page
VOLVER to take you to the previous page AYUDA to take you to this Help Page
Glosses for the Story
This lesson has two types of glosses: text glosses, or definitions written in English; and picture glosses, or images which depict the word that is glossed. 
  • To see the glosses in higher-level browsers, simply move your mouse over the glossed text.
  • To see the glosses in lower-level browsers, click on the glossed text. A picture gloss will appear in the upper left of the screen. A text gloss will appear in the lower left of the screen.
 Browser Troubleshooting
  • If a gloss appears without you moving your mouse over glossed text, you may be in the wrong version for your browser.  If so, select Browser Check here or in the INDEX, and follow the directions to make sure you select the correct version for your browser.
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