How To:
Access the FLEPA Assessment Record
Connect to the UD Network
Copy Audio Cassettes in 212 FLMC
Copy Videotapes in 212 FLMC (needs revision)
llegal operation messages
Interpret Correction Symbols
Make Accent Marks in Pine Mail on UNIX
Make Accent Marks in Windows
Make Your Computer Nihongo Capable (view with Internet Explorer, not Netscape)
Read an Attachment from Pine Mail
Scan Images (on Bologna in FLMC)
Scan Text  (on Bologna in FLMC)
Scan Images (on Venezia in FLMC)
Scan Text (on Venezia in FLMC)
Send a File as a Pine Mail Attachment
Set the International Keyboard (Windows 9x/ME)
Spell Check in French, Spanish, German & Italian
Use UD Class Mailing Lists
Use UD Majors Mailing Lists
The Vacation Program on UNIX
WebCT Introduction 
WebCT Updates
WebCT Printing