Quick Guide to Accessing the FLEPA Assessment Record

The FLEPA Assessment Record resides in WebCT, the Universityís preferred classroom management tool. You can access the FLEPA Assessment Record from any computer in the world that has Internet access. Just open your favorite browser and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to http://www.udel.edu/webct
  2. Click Log on to WebCT.Note: watch out, donít click on "For Faculty"; thatís just information.
  3. Click Log on to

  4.     myWebct. Note: Yes it does look like step 2 but itís a new click.
  5. At the Username and Password Required window, type your CoplandUser Name and press the TAB key or use the mouse to get to the Password field. Type your password and click OK. Note: Your password is the one you use for Pine mail or Netscape mail on copland.
  6. On the myWebCT page, under Courses, select Foreign Language Education Performance Assessment Record.
  7. On the Navigation bar on the left side of the page, select Manage Course.
  8. On the Manage Course page, select Manage Students.
  9. The top half of your screen now has action drop down boxes and buttons: Manage Students, Advanced Options, and Download. The bottom half of the screen is the place where you want to be. It shows a grid with FLEPA students displayed down the grid and FLEPA proficiency items displayed across the grid. The first column shows the studentís last name and each column thereafter shows a FLEPA proficiency item that is being tracked.
  10. The elevator button on the right of the page will scroll up and down; the elevator button at the bottom of the page will scroll left to right and back.
  11. There are two ways to mark studentsí progress. 1) To mark one studentís progress in multiple FLEPA proficiency items, click the studentís last name as it appears in the Last Name column. 2) To mark many studentsí progress in one particular item, click Edit at the top of that itemís column. For either method, then select the appropriate mark. The default is "---". If you click the arrow next to this default value a dropdown box will appear with values you can select. When you are finished, click the Update button to the upper left of the student names. Note: it is very important to click the Update button, or your mark will not be recorded.
  12. Peruse records or mark as many items as you wish. To exit WebCT, simply exit your browser in the normal way.