Graduate Student Publication Options

Ariel. Published by the University of Kentucky. Spanish graduate student publication. Contact Joe Jones for information.

Chimères. Published each semester by the graduate students of French at The University of Kansas. The editors invite papers (max. 20 pp.) on French literature, language, or culture, written by graduate students and non-tenured PhDs. Submissions must include 1) a copy of the essay; 2) an abstract of 75 words or less; and 3) a diskette. Microsoft Word and MLA Style required. Send submissions to Editor, Chimères, University of Kansas, Department of French and Italian, Wescoe Hall, Lawrence KS 66045-2120. Questions? Call (785) 864-4056.

Osa Mayor. Published by the University of Pittsburgh. Spanish graduate student publication.

Paroles Gelées. Published by the University of California at Los Angeles, this annual journal accepts articles on French and Francophone literature, language and culture, and those which analyze the relationship(s) between these and other disciplines. Submissions in either English or French are accepted, but, should be limited to 25 pages in length. The articles must conform to MLA standards. A total of three copies of the article may be mailed to: Paroles Gelées, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of French, 2326 Murphy Hall, Box 951550, Los Angeles, California 90095-1550. Manuscripts are accepted year round. Those articles which are accepted for publication must be typed on a 3.5" disk using either Microsoft Word 5.0 or 5.1 for Macintosh.

Tropos. Published yearly by Michigan State University. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages. TROPOS welcomes material relevant to the study of any aspect of Romance and Classical Languages, literatures or civilizations. Manuscripts may be in English or the target language. Manuscripts (two hard copies) should be submitted to TROPOS, Dept. of Romance and Classical Languages, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824-1027. Use MLA Handbook for style.