Requirements for the MAFLL Degree

Depending on the option chosen, between 30 and 42 credits are required, including at least 24 in the languages and literatures major.

Course Work

Single Major (30 credits)

At least eight courses (24 credits) in the major language/literature.
The other two courses (6 credits) may be in the major's language or literature, literary theory, or related areas (including FL pedagogy).

Major/Minor (36 credits)

Twelve courses, including a minimum of eight courses (24 credits) in the major language/literature, and at least three courses (9 credits) in the minor. The twelfth course may be in the language/literature of the major or minor, in literary theory, or related areas (Foreign Language Pedagogy, for example). In no instance may the student take more credits outside the department than in the department in any one semester.

Students wishing to pursue a minor must apply for admission to the minor. Criteria for admission are the same as those applied to all other degree candidates. Once admitted to the minor, the student must be assigned an advisor who is a member of the graduate faculty. With the advisorís approval, the student will select courses with the goal of a comprehensive program of study.

Double Major (42 credits)

A minimum of six courses (18 credits) in the language/literature of each of the two major fields (French, German, or Spanish). The remaining two courses (6 credits) may be in one or both of the major languages/ literatures, literary theory, or related areas (including FL pedagogy).
Note: Most funded students are required to take Theoretical and Practical Issues in Foreign Language Teaching (FLLT 623).

Comprehensive Examinations

Candidates must pass a comprehensive examination toward the end of their program of study. The comprehensive examinations in the studentís major area or areas (i.e., French, German, or Spanish) have a written as well as an oral portion. The examinations are based on reading lists available online or from the program advisor. Admission to the oral examination will be granted only to those students who have passed the written examination. Students who fail one or more parts of the examination may retake examinations in those areas only once.

For the minor field, there is no examination, but prior advisement to assure a coherent program is necessary. Students should contact any tenured member from the faculty of the minor field.

Results of the comprehensive examination will be forwarded to the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, who will notify the Graduate Office when candidates have satisfied all requirements for the MA degree.