Pedagogy Graduate Course Offerings

FLLT 601 - Historical Linguistics

The languages of the world, the Indo-European languages, the comparative method and linguistic evolution are all discussed in this overview of how the languages of the world evolved and how they are genetically related to one another.

FLLT 621 - Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

Description, discussion and analysis of techniques pertinent to the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Emphasis on contributions of contemporary linguistic science. Includes demonstrations and practical exercises.

FLLT 622 - Language Syllabus Design

Study of approaches to language syllabus design and materials development, including grammatically sequenced, situational, notional-functional, and task-based approaches. Topics: materials development, textbook evaluation and adaptation, design and implementation of learning units for second-language special purpose and bilingual learners.

FLLT 623 - Principles of Foreign Language

Current perspectives on foreign language instruction and extensive hands-on experience with the implementation of effective language teaching strategies. Emphasis given to the enhancement of studentsí proficiency in class planning, syllabus design and materials preparation.

FLLT 624 - Foreign Language Testing

Study of the principles and techniques of second-language testing, including measurement of the four skills and of communicative competence. Bilingual measures. Practice in item construction and analysis.

FLLT 625 - Technology-Enhanced Language Learning

Study of the practical and theoretical aspects of using technology in second language learning. It is open to teachers of all foreign languages and will be taught in English.

FLLT 629 - Methods of Teaching Foreign Language in Elementary Schools

Appropriate teaching methods and techniques for the elementary foreign language classroom. Includes demonstrations by experienced FLES teachers, peeranalysis of video-taped model lessons prepared by participants, and an introduction to testing, materials and course design.

FLLT 675 - Varying Topics: Literary Criticism in a Foreign Language Context

Overview of literary criticism with special emphasis on criticism important to French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German literatures. May be organized as an historical survey or as a survey of a particular period, including the contemporary period.

FLLT 801 - Professional Orientation

Provides students in foreign languages and literatures with a general introduction to three topics relevant to their graduate career and subsequent employment: 1) research methods and tools; 2) approaches to the literary text; and 3) professional practices.

FLLT 868 - Research

One to twelve credits of original research on a language related topic.