Library Research

The Universityís Morris Library offers the following research services for Graduate Students:

  • DelCat

    An on-line service which provides quick reference to books and other resource materials currently shelved in the library on a variety of subjects and authors.

    This service may be accessed using terminals available at the library, any other on- campus computer site, and from the dormitories using the studentís UNIX account.

  • Bibliography of the Modern Language Association

    This bibliography is useful for finding both books and articles relevant to the subject of your research. The print bibliography is located in the Reference Room, on one of the tables to the right as you enter the room. Ask the librarian for help in locating and using it. The on-line MLA bibliography (more up-to-date and easier to use) is available here and at several computer stations behind the reference desk. Instructions for using this program can be obtained at the reference desk or at the computer stations themselves.

  • MLA On-Line:

    Should a question arise concerning the format of a research paper or the manner in which a work should be cited, consult the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers and the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing. These manuals are available at the Reference Desk or may be purchased in most local and online book stores. More information can be found on the MLA web site. See also the MLAís own Frequently Asked Questions about MLA Style.

  • Study Carrels:

    Graduate students seeking quiet solitary study may opt to rent a study carrel in Morris Library:

    1. Proceed to the second floor Administrative Office located in Morris Library (831-2231).
    2. Applications are available: two to three pages in length, the applications require student information and the signature of either the Chair of the student's particular Department or the studentís advisor.
    3. The completed application needs to be returned to the Administrative Office and requires a week to process.
    4. The student also needs to provide a $20.00 deposit for the key to the carrel. Upon receipt of the key at the end of the semester, the deposit will be refunded.
  • Return Policy:

    The library will loan books to University graduate students for 60 days.