Financial Aid

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has two principal types of awards: graduate assistantships and tuition scholarships.

Graduate assistants may be assigned to the classroom as teaching assistants, to the Media Center, to individual faculty to serve as research assistants, or to the Writing Center as writing assistants. Usually their assignment consists of some combination of these duties, not to exceed twenty hours per week, including office hours and preparation time for TAs.

Strong applicants may be offered a tuition scholarship, which would not be associated with a Graduate Assistantship position. These scholarships may cover up to 100% of tuition and would be awarded for up to two years. There is no stipend associated with a tuition scholarship. Domestic students who are tuition scholars are permitted to seek part-time employment.

Due to visa restrictions, international students may not work outside of the Department.


Financial Aid is offered only to students whose major or primary field is in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, except for exchange students in connection with our study abroad programs.

Awards are usually renewed for a second year when the studentís work (as teacher and as student) is satisfactory. Funding is normally limited to two years. Students who go abroad for a semester or a year are not considered funded during the time abroad. Thus, a student who has one year on campus as a graduate assistant, or a tuition scholar, then goes abroad for a semester, will still be eligible for two semesters of funding upon his/her return. However, students cannot be funded for any given semester unless they need at least six credits of graded graduate courses in order to complete the requirement for the degree. Hence, the student who takes five courses in the first year and then earns six credits (two courses) during a semester abroad, will be funded for only one additional semester upon his/her return.

Students who enter the graduate program with six or more transfer credits (from CEND or another institution) will normally be entitled to a maximum of three semesters of funding.

Students who elect to pursue student teaching or a double major may request a fifth semester of funding. However, double majors are encouraged to try to complete their degree in two years by taking advantage of the thesis option.

While an extension may be granted under special circumstances, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is not obligated to fund or otherwise support students in their third year if they have not completed all requirements for the MA degree. In case of vacancies for instruction at the 100-level, the Department will try to find other candidates before rehiring graduate students who have not completed the MA degree requirements.

Students who receive 100% of the minimum stipend and a 100% tuition scholarship may not hold additional employment on or off campus. As with any professional appointment, the amount of service may vary from week to week, but the average is usually expected to be no more than 20 hours of service per week for the U.D. minimum stipend. Students seeking an exception to this policy should petition the departmentís Director of Graduate Studies, who will consult with the Department Chair. Should they decide to support the studentís request, the petition will be forwarded to the Deanís Office of the College of Arts and Science. Dean's permission is required for any exception to this "no other employment policy" and APPROVAL BY THE DEAN must be forwarded to the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.