About the FLL Graduate Program

Purpose and Expectations

The Department offers two unique Master of Arts programs:

Both degrees are offered in the fields of French, German and Spanish. The MAFLP degree affords students the opportunity to continue their foreign language study at the graduate level with the option of working toward teacher certification.

The purpose of both M.A degrees is to provide students with the opportunity for professional growth in the areas of language proficiency, literature, culture, and pedagogy. The MAFLP degree is designed to offer an interdisciplinary course for those who wish to pursue a specialty area in Foreign and Second Language Education. The degree's flexible options make it suitable both for those new to the field and for practicing teachers and other professionals.

Students typically take four semesters to complete their degree, and over the course of their study they are expected to perfect their linguistic and cultural proficiency in the foreign language as well as their knowledge and understanding of its literature. Students are also expected to significantly expand their research and teaching abilities.

What Makes Us Unique

With Delaware's MA in Foreign Language Pedagogy (one of the few in the US), students graduating with a BA in French, German, or Spanish who make the decision to teach in their senior year now have the possibility of continuing their foreign language study at the graduate level while at the same time working towards teacher certification.

There are even fewer graduate programs that provide students with the opportunity to continue the study of two languages at the graduate level. Delaware's MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures Program offers students the possibility of single-language study or two-language study, either in a major-minor format or a double major. For talented polyglots proficient in two "favorite" languages, there's no need to choose! At Delaware, you can deepen your understanding of two cultures, increase your fluency in two languages...and make yourself that much more flexible on the job market.

Recognizing that time spent abroad greatly enhances our students' learning, we have established exchange programs in France and Spain for students who are not native speakers of the target language. These programs are competitive.

MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures

This flexible master's program has three options: a single major (30 credits), a double major (42 credits) or a major/minor (36 credits). The program offers students an in-depth study of the target culture(s) and literature(s). Students who complete this program find that the additional exposure to the language and the literature prepares them for positions requiring target language fluency and general familiarity with the target culture such as teaching, international business, and government.
The program also prepares students for study at the Ph.D level in foreign literature or (especially in the case of those who elect the double major or major/minor option) in comparative literature.

  • Major Fields: French, German, and Spanish
  • Minor Fields: French, German, Spanish, Russian,
                          Latin, and Italian Literatures, Women's Studies,
                          Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy, and related disciplines.

MA in Foreign Languages and Pedagogy

This master's program has three options: a single major (30 credits), a double major (42 credits) and a major/minor (36 credits).
The MA in Foreign Languages and Pedagogy is a flexible degree that can provide students with all the courses required for teaching certification in French, German, or Spanish. Students may apply for a fifth semester of funding to cover student teaching. Students already certified can take as many as 15 credit hours in foreign language pedagogy courses or closely related fields. All students take at least half their courses in the foreign language and literature of their major field (French, German, or Spanish). This program also prepares students for study at the Ph.D level in the field of Applied Linguistics. Students seeking teacher certification must take 33 credits, not including the student teaching semester. All other students must take 30 credits.

The two master's programs have virtually identical entrance requirements but different course distribution requirements, reading lists, and comprehensive examinations.

Study Abroad

The Department has exchange programs with the Universities of Caen (France) and Granada (Spain). Students who go to Caen remain for a full academic year. Students wishing to participate in the programs in Bayreuth and Granada generally stay for one semester only. As a rule, students teach English courses at the foreign site, either at the university or secondary school level. They may also take a limited number of courses towards completion of their M.A.degree. Participation in the exchange programs is competitive. Students should consult the faculty liaisons for the program in which they’re interested one year in advance of the intended stay abroad.

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