Guidelines for Graduate Course Selection

Funded graduate students are expected to enroll only in graduate-level courses that count towards the MAFLL or MAFLP degree program that they are pursuing in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. If a graduate student wishes to take a course unrelated to his/her field or take a course at the undergraduate level, either for credit or as a listener, s/he must have the written approval of the FLL's Director of Graduate Studies or the FLL Department Chairperson before enrolling.

All courses must be chosen in consultation with the advisor and should represent as broad a perspective on the major literature as possible (i.e. students should avoid taking too many courses in one literary period). While graduate students are allowed by the University to take up to 12 credits a semester, the Department considers 9 graduate credits to be a reasonable course load for students working as TAs, RAs, or in the Media Center. A student wishing to take 12 graduate credits in a semester should consult first with his/her advisor.

One course = three credits. Funded students must average at least 5 courses per year over the two year grant period. (FREN 533 and GRMN 533, French and German for Reading Knowledge, do not count towards these minima). Semesters spent on the exchange programs are not considered to be part of the grant period.

Graduate seminars (courses numbered 875) in the student's major language are obligatory each semester for all full-time students. Unlike 600-level courses which admit advanced undergraduates, these courses are open only to graduate students. A waiver of this requirement may be granted under the following circumstances:

  1. An identical course has been taken at the undergraduate or graduate level (this would apply, for example, to narrowly defined subject matter, such as single-author courses);
  2. There is a direct conflict with another required course for which there is no allowable substitute, and which the student will not have the opportunity to take in a subsequent semester;
  3. In the case of double majors or major-minors: two 875 courses are offered at the same hour;
  4. Double majors or major-minors in the FLL Program or in the FLP Program have completed their course requirements in the foreign literature in question.

Students should put their request in writing to the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee who will consult with the 875 professor before granting (or denying) the waiver.

Students are discouraged from requesting independent study courses. However, in exceptional circumstances in which an independent study seems appropriate and/or necessary, students may request permission to take such a course. Their request must be put in writing and addressed to the Department Chair. They should indicate why they need to take the independent study course, who will supervise it, and what the topic is.

Teaching Assistants who enter the program in September must take Theoretical and Practical Issues in Teaching Foreign Languages (FLLT 623) in their first semester, unless the student has taken an identical course as an undergraduate. Students who enter in mid-year must take the course the following September. Only those students who are enrolled in or have previously taken FLLT 623 will be allowed to teach. (Exception: students who have taken FLLT 621 and have participated in orientation may also teach).

TAs are generally required to take FLLT 623. If a student has completed course work judged equivalent to FLLT 622, 623 or 624 and can provide documentation (e.g. teaching portfolio, syllabi, teaching certificate), substitutions within the field of FL pedagogy may be accepted (for example, such courses as FLLT 625- Technologically-Enhanced Language Learning, FLLT 626- Research Seminar, FLLT 629- Methods of Teaching FLES, and EDUC/LING 676- Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism).

Students receiving financial aid from the Department must take at least 50% of their course credits in the Department each semester.

Credits earned in FREN 533 and GRMN 533, French and German for Reading Knowledge, may not be counted towards completion of the 30, 36, or 42-credit (depending upon option selected) MA degree in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Students may not take for graduate credit a course that has already been taken for undergraduate credit. (Example: if you’ve taken GRMN 422 "Age of Goethe" you may not take GRMN 622 "Age of Goethe.")

Students in the MAFLP (Masters of Foreign Languages and Pedagogy) program or those in the MAFLL (Masters of Foreign Languages and Literatures) program with a single major have a 30-credit requirement for the MA. Students on stipend (i.e., those with teaching or other responsibilities within the Department) are advised to plan their coursework in consultation with their advisors, so that they need take only two courses in their final semester, to allow themselves time to prepare for the MA Comprehensive Examination. Students pursuing the major-minor option of the MAFLL degree or MAFLP will have to take three courses per semester for each of the four semesters in order to finish on time.

Students who wish to change their program in any way (FLP to FLL or vice versa, the addition or substitution of a minor, etc.) must address their request in writing to the Graduate Studies Committee.