Graduate Advisement

All students are assigned to an academic advisor in their major field(s) when they enter the program. MAFLP students on certification track whose language is German or Spanish will have two advisors: the Foreign Language Education Program Coordinator (currently Professor Robb), and a professor in their language area.

The principal duties of the advisors are to explain program options to their advisees, to discuss the studentsí option to write a masterís thesis and their right to choose their own thesis director, to present the possibility of studying abroad via the Universityís exchange programs, to help the students to obtain all the transfer credits to which they are entitled, and to inform their advisees about course load and course selection regulations in order to develop the soundest program possible for the student.

Advisees should not hesitate to contact their advisor(s) concerning questions, comments, or suggestions they may have in reference to their program of study.

If a student wishes reassignment to another advisor, the request must be submitted in writing to the Graduate Studies Committee.