FLL Faculty Profiles

Ali Alalou
PhD (California, Davis), Associate Professor of French & Pedagogy
  • French Language and Linguistics
  • Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics
  • Arabic Language
  • Afro-Asiatic Linguistics
  • North African Studies
  • Jesús Botello
    PhD (University of Chicago), Assistant Professor of Spanish

  • Golden Age Literature
  • Cervantes
  • Romances of Chivalry
  • Spanish Habsburgs
  • Persephone Braham
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Latin American literature and culture Discovery-present
  • Caribbean literatures and cultures
  • Gender, cultural studies, film
  • Joan L. Brown
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Elias Ahuja Professor of Spanish

  • Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • Literature by women in Spain and Spanish America
  • Canon formation
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Hans-Jörg Busch
    PhD Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Iris Busch
    PhD Assistant Professor of German & Pedagogy

  • Language Acquisition
  • Language Pedagogy
  • German Language
  • Jianguo Chen
    PhD Associate Professor of Chinese

  • 20th century Chinese Literature
  • Contemporary Chinese writers
  • Chinese Cultural and Film Studies
  • Comparative Literary Studies with focus on critical theory
  • Jorge Cubillos
    PhD (Penn State) Associate Professor of Spanish & Pedagogy

  • Foreign language reading (strategy training in particular)
  • Affective variables in second language acquisition
  • Teacher training in the foreign languages
  • R. Gary Ferguson
    PhD (Durham, England), Professor of French

  • French Renaissance
  • Women's writing, gender, queer studies
  • Religious and devotional literature
  • Annette Giesecke
    PhD (Harvard), Professor of Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

  • Ancient Greek and Roman Epic Poetry
  • Ancient philosophy, especially Epicureanism
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
  • The Relation Between Texts and Images
  • Utopianism in Classical Antiquity
  • Urbanism and the Garden in Classical Antiquity
  • Lee Glen
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Spanish

  • Realism and Naturalism in Spain and Latin America
  • 19th Century Peninsular Literature: Leopoldo Alas and Eca de Quieroz
  • Religious images and language in Latin American Poetry from the mystics to modern times
  • Cristina Guardiola
    PhD (California, Berkeley), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Medieval Narratives: Chronicles and Chivalric Romance
  • Women in Medieval Literature
  • Medicine in the Middle Ages
  • Eynat Gutman
    PhD (University of Delaware), Assistant Professor of Hebrew

  • Hebrew Culture
  • Hebrew Linguistics
  • L2 Pedagogy
  • Rachael Hutchinson
    PhD (University of Oxford, England), Assistant Professor of Japanese

  • 20th Century Japanese Literature and Film
  • Representation and Identity Studies
  • Censorship and Counter-discourse
  • Gladys Ilarregui
    PhD (Catholic University of America), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Colonial Latin America
  • Indigenous orality
  • Latin American Poetry
  • Critical Theory
  • Cynthia Lees
    PhD Assistant Professor of French

  • North American French Literature : Quebec
  • New Brunswick, New England; French Cinema
  • 20th Century French Poetry and Theater
  • América Martínez
    PhD (Illinois), Assistant Professor of Spanish & Comparative Literature

  • 19th and 20th Century comparative literature
  • Magical realist fiction
  • Managing Editor, DeRLAS
  • Ikram Masmoudi
    PhD (Spain), Assistant Professor of Arabic

  • Arabic Language
  • Meghan McInnis Dominguez
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Spanish

  • Medicine and Literature in the Early Modern Hispanic World
  • Early Modern Spanish Novel
  • Spanish Colonial Historiographic Texts
  • Spanish Colonial Epic and Novel
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Susan McKenna
    PhD (Indiana University), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • 19th Century Spanish and comparative literature
  • Feminist theory and criticism
  • Emilia Pardo Bazán
  • Mark Miller
    PhD (University of Delaware), Assistant Professor of Japanese

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Methods of Teaching Second Languages
  • Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Nancy Nobile
    PhD (Johns Hopkins), Associate Professor of German

  • Late 18th and early 19th century theories of pedagogy
  • German Romanticism
  • Kleist
  • Meredith Ray
    PhD (University of Chicago), Associate Professor of Italian

  • Early Modern Italian Literature and Culture
  • Gender Studies and Women's Writing
  • Epistolary Writing
  • Renaissance Representations of Alchemy
  • Bonnie A. Robb
    PhD (Bryn Mawr), Associate Professor of French

  • 18th century French literature
  • Félicité de Genlis
  • Françoise de Graffigny
  • Asima Saad Maura
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Spanish

  • Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture
  • Latin American and Hispanic-Caribbean Literature
  • Transatlantic and Postcolonial Studies
  • Riccarda Saggese
    PhD (Johns Hopkins), Associate Professor of Italian

  • Twentieth Century Italian Literature
  • Nineteenth Century Italian Literature
  • Childhood and literature in 19th and 20th century
  • Laura Salsini
    PhD (Indiana), Associate Professor of Italian

  • 19th and 20th century Italian literature
  • Italian women authors
  • Italian and Italian American cinema
  • Edgard Sankara
    PhD (University of Texas - Austin), Associate Professor of French

  • Francophone Literatures
  • Autobiography, Rhetorics
  • Postcolonial and Reception Studies
  • Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz
    PhD (Wisconsin), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Contemporary Latin American short story and novel
  • Literature of exile and feminist literary theory
  • Julio Cortázar and Cristina Peri Rossi
  • Alexander Selimov
    PhD (University of Pennsylvania), Associate Professor of Spanish

  • 18th & 19th Century Spanish Literature
  • 19th Century Latin American Literature
  • Cultural Studies & Literary Theory
  • Monika Shafi
    PhD (Maryland), Elias Ahuja Professor of German

  • 19th and 20th century German literature
  • Gender and Cultural Studies
  • Gertrud Kolmar, Günter Grass cinema
  • Deborah Steinberger
    PhD (New York University), Associate Professor of French

  • 17th century French and comparative literature
  • Theatre
  • Early modern women writers
  • Bruno Thibault
    PhD (Paris X and Maryland), Professor of French

  • 20th century French Literature
  • 20th century French Civilization
  • 20th century French Cinema
  • Contemporary French Writers
  • Contemporary French Filmmakers
  • Haihong Yang
    PhD Assistant Professor of Chinese

  • Chinese Culture
  • Chinese Language
  • Chinese Thought
  • Richard A. Zipser
    PhD (Johns Hopkins), Chair; Professor of German

  • Literature of the German Democratic Republic
  • Literary censorship in Germany
  • 19th century German and comparative literature