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Directions for Making/Canceling Appointments Online
  1. Please register below to make an appointment.

  2. Log in at the prompt.

  3. Select your language.

  4. To make an appointment, pick a suitable date and then click on the white boxes that show open session times.

  5. To cancel an appointment, go to the Control Panel and My Reservations table. Click on the “delete” option. Another way to change an appointment is to return to the appointment box, click, and then check the “cancel” box. Make sure you also click on the “modify” button.

  6. If you need more help, click on the “help” button in the top right corner of the scheduler.
  1. The Language Proficiency Center is designed to help you improve your speaking and writing skills in the target language.
  2. Our language mentors will NOT edit your homework assignments.
  3. If you need assistance with a specific topic, be sure to state your concern in your appointment scheduling form AND at the beginning of your tutoring session.

Note: The Online Scheduler has been updated. Returning users MUST REGISTER AGAIN to schedule all new appointments.

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