Foreign Language Education Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Application Process for Student Teaching

In the spring of your Junior (or next-to-last) year you must apply for admission to Student Teaching in the spring of your Senior (or last) year.

In February of your Junior year, you are to submit the following documentation to your FLE program advisor:

  1. A completed student teaching application form, with your advisor's signature certifying the completion of your e-portfolio (undergraduate students only)
  2. A hard copy of your FEPs clearance proof (you should be able to generate one from either Taskstream or the website of Office of Clinical Studies, if you have taken EDUC 413/613 and 419/619).
  3. Praxis Core report (passing scores: 156 for Reading, 162 for Writing and 150 for Math)
  4. A degree audit form (from UDSIS) showing that you have completed all major requirement courses, and that all EDUC/LLUC courses have a 3.0 minimum average.

Additionally, you will need to demonstrate at least an Intermediate-High level of proficiency in the target language by the end of the spring semester of your Junior year. You can do this by either taking the Versant test at the Language Resource Center (006 Jastak-Burgess Hall), or by taking the OPI.


  1. Remember that OPI scores (documenting at least an Advanced-Low level of proficiency in the target language) are required in order to be allowed to student teach. The deadline for submitting those scores is the end of the fall semester of your Senior year.
  2. Passing scores on Praxis I are required for admission to LLCU 422 and LLCU 424.