Chinese Conversation Partnership

at the University of Delaware


The Chinese Program at UD organizes, among other Chinese learning activities, Chinese Conversation Partnership (CCP). The purpose of Chinese Conversation Partnership is to provide our students of Chinese with an opportunity to practise, after class, spoken Chinese with Chinese native speakers. Interested students will be paired up with native Chinese speakers on campus (most of whom are graduate students from mainland China or Taiwan). This conversation partnership is non-compulsary. Those who choose to participate in this activity may meet with their language partner once or twice a week at a time of their own selection. A typical pattern is two meetings a week (one hour each time) at which a student of Chinese and his/her language partner exchange their language skills--practise spoken Chinese with and tutors English to the partner. The activity is free-of-charge. Since Fall 2002 when the CCP started, many of our students of Chinese have benefitted from it: they not only practice their Chinese, but learn about Chinese culture as well. For more information about this activity, please contact: Dong Laoshi


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