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Dr. Cynthia Lees

112 Jastak-Burgess Hall

30 E. Main Street

Newark, Delaware



Areas of Interest 

Francophone North American Literature



20th Century French Literature



French and Francophone Cinema

World Literature in Translation



Courses Taught:

FLLT 495 Capstone Humanity under Siege: War in the  Global Arena

FLLT 422 Practicum Foreign Language Education

FREN 301 Introduction to French Prose

FREN 302 Introduction to French Poetry and Theater

FREN 209 French Conversation through Cinema

FREN 200 Grammar and Composition

FREN 107 Intermediate French

EDUC 400 Student Teacher Supervisor







“Approaches to teaching Ahmadou Kourouma’s Allah n’est pas oblige.”  Proposal for paper submitted for American Association of Teachers of French Conference, Philadelphia, July 2010.


“Urban Space and Franco-American Identity in Jack Kerouac’s The Town and the City. Proposal for paper submitted for MELUS Conference, Scranton, PA. April 2010.


“Performances of Franco-American Identity in Mirbah” submitted to Quebec Studies. August 2009. 


Le Petit Mangeur de Fleurs: Reconstructing Memories of a Franco-American Childhood

American Council for Quebec Studies Sixteenth Biennial Conference, Quebec City, Canada, November 2008.


“Smokestacks and Steeples: The French Canadian Diaspora 1840-1940” Lecture by invitation. Arts and Sciences Colloquium, University of Delaware, October 2008.


“Rural and Urban Pathfinders in Jeanne la fileuse” Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines. Congrès 2008. Association d’études francophones du XIXe siècle. Vancouver, BC Canada, June 2008.


“Lessard-Bissonnette’s Canuck: A Novel of (Dis)location”

American Association of Teachers of French Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 2007.


“Debunking the myth of ethnic solidarity in three Franco-

American texts” The French Review, May 2007.


“Exploring the ideology of la survivance in two failed romans à thèse: La Jeune Franco-Américaine and Les Enfances de Fanny” American Council for Quebec Studies Fifteenth Biennial Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 2006.


“Teaching Reading at the Intermediate French level: Classic film clips and lively discussion” American Association of Teachers of French Conference, Quebec City, Canada, July 2005.


“Acadian Identity: Real or Virtual?” 20th and 21st century French and Francophone Literature Conference, Gainesville, Florida, May 2005.


 « Le Nouveau Monde de Julien Vallières dans L’Enfant chargé de songes » American Council for Quebec Studies Fourteenth Bienniel Conference, Quebec City, Canada, November 2004.


« Jacques Poulin: Le Nouveau Maître de Tendre » 

 Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 2003.