By Theodore E. D. Braun



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© Copyright 1999 by Theodore E. D. Braun
This book may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the author.


To my daughter Jeanne Velonis,
without whose sage counsel this novel would have been
even more imperfect



2518 Prologue: Curious Beginnings
2401 The Sermon in the Valley, 6 June 2401
2645 Aphrodite
2645 Aftermath
2647 The Extended Life Brigade
2650 Caught!
2650 Death on Mesnos
2650 Mesnos in the Sunlight
2720 Paracelsus: Terror in the Deep
2720 Paracelsus: The Land
2799 Mars 2799
2799 Canaan
2804 Murder on Mars
2804 Christina on Trial
2850 Wormhole
2851 Contact!
2851 Damos
2851 The Pact of Terror
2852 Ready to Go
2852 En Route
2854 Closed In
2854 War on Damos
2858 The Long Trail Back
2860 Hallucinations
2860 Numamba's Gamble
2861 Return to Paracelsus
2861 Prison Island
2862 Back on Mars
2950 Epilogue: The Quantum Galaxy