FLL Syllabus Project

In 2006, The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures established a Departmental Assessment Committee to develop oral and writing assessment rubrics which could be used to improve the quality of assessment in foreign language courses. Faculty volunteered to test these rubrics in actual foreign language courses in the Fall of 2008 and the results of their experiences with the rubrics led to the creation of course syllabi aligned with Departmental assessment goals in 2010. Curricular maps for the various foreign language majors were then developed to establish curricular articulation plans for each language taught, and to identify curriculum-wide assessment tools and strategies for all foreign language programs. Foreign language course syllabi were then generated containing the outcome based course objectives recognized in the process.

The resulting syllabi have been placed online for each of the foreign languages taught and can be accessed using the navigational menu found on the left hand side of this page. While the vast majority of these syllabi can be accessed by anyone, some can only be accessed by those having a University of Delaware login which will present itself when the link to the syllabus in question is selected. Although each language on the menu has course entries, not all courses listed for each language links to an existing syllabus. This is because no syllabi have been supplied for these courses as yet. They will be added as they are received.