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Students may now file the 2018-2019 FAFSA at, using UD's school code (001431).

Prospective Fall 2018 Freshmen check out our New Student Info site.

Students taking summer classes can request a check of federal aid eligibility here.

Fall bills will be available mid-July.


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Using UDSIS and My Finances

Use University of Delaware's self-service systems to manage your financial aid award. You have applied for financial aid. What are the next steps?

In UDSIS you can view your package, accept your financial aid, monitor any outside scholarships, and request a refund. In My Finances you can pay your bill, view statements, charges, download 1098T tax forms, and view payment history.


Check your application status

As an admitted student you can monitor your FAFSA application status by viewing "View Financial Aid Status" under the Finances tab on the UDSIS homepage. While financial aid awards for incoming freshman are sent in March via mail, the online award can be viewed after gaining access to UDSIS. Financial aid packages are completed in mid-June for returning students, in which an email notification will be sent when the financial aid package is available for viewing.

To Do List

Additional actions or documentation may be needed to disburse funds, verify FAFSA information, or submit an appeal. If you have any outstanding items on the To Do list, you must submit the requested information to complete the financial aid process.

Accept your Financial Aid

It is not necessary to formally accept any aid offered in the financial aid award. Any grants and scholarships offered will be disbursed automatically and credited towards your university bill. Similarly, once you have completed Entrance Counseling and signed the Master Promissory Note while attending University of Delaware, awarded loans will automatically disburse. While not necessary to officially accept in UDSIS, it is very important to decline any unwanted student loans to avoid disbursement of unwanted funds.

Request a refund

If there is a credit on your student account, a refund can be requested from UDSIS by viewing "Request a Refund" under the Finances tab. You will have the option to choose a direct deposit be sent electronically to a bank account of your choosing, as well as having a paper check sent through the Postal Service.

Grant parent e-bill access

Through UDSIS, students have access to grant e-bill access to three (3) different email addresses. This ensures that not only the student receives the electronic bill, but also any parent, guardian, or spouse that may help fund your education. Follow these Steps to Grant Parent/Guardian Access:

  • Students will need to login to their UDSIS account
  • Click the "Grant Parent My Finances Access" link under the "Finances" section
  • You will be taken to Parent/Guardian Services Administration website
  • To grant access to a new user:
    • Under the "Invite a parent/guardian" section, input the email address of your parent/guardian that you are authorizing access, select the relationship and check the My Finances box.
    • Click the "Send Invitation" button and your parent/guardian will receive an email inviting them to create their Parent/Guardian Services account
  • To grant access to an existing user:
    • If your parents/guardians email address is already listed under the "My parents/guardians" or "Pending invitations" section, ensure the My Finances box is checked.

Manage UD1 Flex account

Each student has the option of utilizing a UD1 Flex account, which is linked to a student's Student ID Card. Flex is a declining balance account hat can be used in place of cash all around campus. A student can manage their Flex account through UDSIS by viewing the options available under "UD1 Flex" listed under the Finances tab. You can add funds to your Flex account through My Finances. Instructions on making a payment are listed below in the "Using My Finances" section.

Login to UDSIS

Using My Finances

Setting up a Payment Plan

Students have the option of setting up a payment plan for a $50 fee per term. This will allow the bill to be spread across 4 equal payments, starting in August for the Fall term, and January for the Spring term. You can set up a payment plan through My Finances by viewing "Make a payment on account" on the left side of the Overview screen. The payment plan option will be given on the last screen as you complete the payment process.

Making a payment

Students can make a payment through their My Finances account, as well as parents who have been granted e-bill access through the UDSIS system. This can be completed by viewing "Make a payment on account" on the left side of any screen in My Finances, listed under "Payment Options". Students and parents have the option to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, with an additional service charge (2.75% Domestic / 4.25% International) administered by the payment processing company. An electronic check can also be used, free of charge, needing only a bank routing number and bank account number.

Viewing Account Activity & Statements

We understand the importance of students and parents having up-to-date financial information at all times. In My Finances, students and parents with granted e-bill access can view all billing activity, including tuition and fee charges, any pending aid, financial aid disbursements, posted scholarships, departmental charges, and Flex account activity, all in real time. These details can be seen by viewing the "Account Activity" screen at the top of the page. In addition to having real time account information, account statements are sent in regular intervals to the student's University email address, as well as all email addresses granted e-bill access. These statements can be viewed on the "Statements" tab at the top of the page.

Payment History

All payments made through My Finances can be viewed at any time by viewing the "Payment History" tab at the top of the screen. Each receipt includes full payment information, including payment method, current bill amount at payment, any reported additional credits, as well as any pending aid at the time of payment.

1098-T Tax Forms

We provide all students with a 1098-T form to assist in filing for education tax benefits/tax credit deductions, such as the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit and Hope Scholarship Tax Credit for Qualified Higher Education Expenses. You can find the 1098-T form by viewing the "1098T Tax Form" tab at the top of your My Finances pages. All 1098-T forms will be available by end of day on January 30th of each year. Please note that we no longer send this information via postal mail.

Login to My Finances