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Third Party Sponsorship

Third Party Sponsor

An organization which funds all or part of a student's education and wishes to be billed directly is considered a Third Party Sponsor. The Sponsor will provide the student with a sponsorship voucher or letter of credit authorizing the University to invoice them for any applicable tuition/fees.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Submit the documents below to
    1. Third Party Sponsor Billing Agreement
    2. All Sponsor authorization documents
  2. Financially clear the student account by:
    1. Reporting an "Additional Credit" via My Finances
    2. Select the "Third Party/Outside Source to be Invoiced" option and
    3. Provide the Sponsor name.
  3. Make payment for any balance not covered by the sponsor by the semester due date

SFS will process the voucher and post a provisional credit to the student account. An invoice will then be submitted to the Sponsor after the drop/add date.

Nursing/Business Deferred Employee Benefit

Students who are eligible for tuition reimbursement upon submission of grades from their employer may defer payment of those tuition and fees covered under their employer agreement.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Financially clear the student account by:
    1. Reporting an “Additional Credit” via My Finances
      • Nursing students – select "Nursing Deferred Employee Benefit"
      • Business students - select "Business Deferred Employee Benefit"
    2. Provide the dollar amount of the employee benefit
    3. Provide the name of the employer in the Comment Box
      (Students may be asked to provide a copy of the employer's tuition agreement)
  2. Make payment by the semester due date for any balance not covered by the employer's tuition agreement.

SFS will verify the tuition agreement and flag the student account so that the deferred balance is not due until 30 days after final grades are published.