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Students may now file the 2018-2019 FAFSA at, using UD's school code (001431).

Prospective Fall 2018 Freshmen check out our New Student Info site.

Students taking summer classes can request a check of federal aid eligibility here.

Fall bills will be available mid-July.


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Scholarship and Grant Information

Scholarships for Prospective Students

The University of Delaware offers a range of general scholarships and grants to both in-state and out-of-state students. To qualify for general scholarship review, students must first be admitted to the University.

Academic merit scholarships do not require a separate application. Prospective incoming freshmen will automatically be reviewed for these awards provided timely applications for admission are filed.

Information about different scholarship opportunities for prospective students can be found here.

Endowments (Donor Scholarships)

The University has over 200 scholarships and grants made available to students on behalf of our generous alumni and donors. These awards often have specific criteria required (e.g., College or Major) in addition to the merit and financial need that may be required to be awarded these additional scholarships. The typical amount of awards for these are $2000 per year.

All students who file the FAFSA are automatically evaluated for these scholarships each June and are notified as we prepare financial aid packages by early July.

There are some additional scholarships that require an application. See below for additional details to see if you may qualify and how to apply:

External/Outside Scholarships

Students should pursue available scholarships through external organizations that provide funding.

In most cases the awarding agency is responsible for selecting the recipient and determining the value of the scholarship.

These scholarships (i.e., scholarships awarded from non-governmental sources outside the University) are an important resource for all students.

To search for outside scholarships, check with your local civic groups, parents' employers, or visit these websites.

Please Note: University of Delaware does not endorse any scholarship search engine that charges a fee or requests personal identifying information (PII) such as a social security number or credit card information. You should never have to pay for a scholarship search.