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Students may now file the 2018-2019 FAFSA at, using UD's school code (001431).

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Students taking summer classes can request a check of federal aid eligibility here.

Fall bills will be available mid-July.


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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  Commitment to Delawareans

Scholarship/Need-Based Grant Appeal Request

You have the right to appeal any decision of ineligibility to continue to receive financial assistance. Your appeal must be filed within 30 days of notification that aid eligibility has been lost.

This appeal may not be based upon your need for assistance OR your lack of knowledge that your assistance was in jeopardy. An appeal would normally be based upon some unusual situation or condition which prevented you from meeting the necessary requirement to have your scholarship/grant renewed. Examples of possible situations include documented serious illness, death of a family member, study abroad or program required internship. Note: If selecting "Other" category in the "appropriate reason" selection below, be specific on the nature and cause of your reason as most successful appeals fall under one of the specified categories.

Note: If you disclose an incident of sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, domestic/dating violence or stalking) in your appeal the office is required to report the information to the University Title IX Coordinator. For information on Title IX reporting please go to

Student Financial Services will review your request and send its decision within 10 working days to your University email address.


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Phone Number:

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Name of the Scholarship:
Please select the appropriate reason:
(Supporting documentation may be requested)
Describe the circumstances that impacted your ability to meet your scholarship criteria, and please include steps you are taking and/or plan to take to meet these requirements going forward. Please be very specific.