Fall Billing

Rates for the upcoming semester are announced in early July. At that time, we will re-evaluate all financial aid awards to determine if any adjustments are necessary.

Adjustments may be made to your original financial aid award, if any of the assumptions at the time have changed. For example: if your need increases with a change to the cost established which could then make you eligible for additional funds or if you have made adjustments to lower costs through a change to your housing plans, added scholarship funds to decrease your need, etc.

After the rate announcement and aid re-evaluation, we will send our first ebill notification to you.

The official communication method for billing at the University of DE is through email notifications and therefore no paper bills are mailed. We provide an online site, My Finances, to view charges and credits and make payments.

When Login to this site is available students will see a new requirement on their Checklist Grant Parent Billing Access. Parents will not receive billing information unless the student grants them or another authorized person "billing" access. This access will provide a unique login to My Finances and will allow them to also receive ebill reminders.

Steps to Grant Parent Billing Access
  • From your mybluehenhome choose the Grant Parent Access link which will ask them to login to their UDSIS account
  • After logging in to your UDSIS account, click the "Grant Parent My Finances Access" link under the "Finances" section (you will be taken to Parent/Guardian Services Administration website).
  • To grant access to a new user:
    • Under the "Invite a parent/guardian" section, input the email address of your parent/guardian for whom you are authorizing access, select the relationship, and check the My Finances box.
    • Click the "Send Invitation" button and your parent/guardian will receive an email inviting them to create their Parent/Guardian Services account.
  • To grant access to an existing user:
    • If your parent's/guardian's email address is already listed under the "My parents/guardians" or "Pending invitations" section, ensure the My Finances box is checked.
  • Parents/authorized users will receive an email from consult@udel.edu with the subject line "UD Parent/Guardian Services Invitation."
  • Parents/authorized users can then click the link in the email to get to the site and follow the prompts to set up access.