Late Fees and Appeals

Late Fees

Late payment fees will be charged to students' accounts which have billed institutional charges (including tuition, fees, housing, and dining charges) not paid or have not been financially cleared by the statement due date. The late fee charge is $55 and a student will be charged this fee each billing statement they fail to pay.

Late Installment Fees

Students who request their semester charges be paid over the 4 monthly installments will be assessed a $50 enrollment fee for participation in the installment plan when their first payment is made. Each subsequent installment must be paid on-time by the scheduled due dates or students will be assessed a $25 installment penalty each month a payment is made late.

Reinstatement Fees

Students who are dropped from classes for non-payment and have their classes reinstated will be assessed a late fee of $55, a reinstatement fee of $100 and a change in registration fee of $25 for a total of $180.


All appeals must be filed by the student. Requests filed by a third party will not be considered. The deadline for appeals is the end of the term in which the late fee occurred. Please complete the Late Fee/Installment Fee Waiver in order for us to waive a late fee. Please note only one request will be honored during each semester.