Report Additional Credit

Students and those granted access to My Finances through the Parent/Guardian Services site can Report Additional Credits from Step 2 as they go to Make a Payment.

This option allows the bill payor to indicate any financing resource being secured to pay the bill not yet on the account.

To do this, From Step 2 – Choose Yes when asked if you want to Report Additional Credits.

Then, choose the award type and input the amount being secured.

Examples, of when to use this option include: Securing a Parent Plus, Alternative or other Outside Loans, Waiting for a 529 or Savings Plan payment to be sent from the bank, Employee Tuition Benefits, Payroll Deduction, Grad Contract, Outside Scholarships, etc.

Any amount included on this page will adjust the payment amount and will indicate why the balance or full installment payment is not being made and the account will be considered.

Keep in mind, all of these payment sources must be on the account by the start of classes for the semester.

If it is going to take longer, then you will be enrolled in the Installment Plan and then can pay on a monthly basis until these credits arrive.