2016-2017 Miscellaneous Fees

Description Amount Details
Admission Application Fee $75 Charged to all undergraduate and graduate students applying for admission to the University of Delaware.
Application for Advanced Degree $95 - Doctoral Candidates
$50 - Master's Candidates
Charged to all graduate students who have met the requirements of their graduate degree program.
Application for Undergraduate Readmission Fee $40 Charged to students who were previously enrolled in a degree program at the University of Delaware and wish to return to the University after an absence of 15 months or more, as well as those who have already earned a degree from the University of Delaware.
Blue Hen Helpers $25 Discounted Fee charged for Blue Hen Helpers (Formerly referred to as The Arrival Survival Team (AST)) who are the group of volunteers who help new students move their luggage and other belongings into their residence hall rooms on New Student Check-in Day. (Actual rate $150.00 for early move in) See Residence Life & Housing for more details.
Carpenter Sports Fee $100 - family
$50 - individual
Charged during fall and spring semesters to part-time graduate and continuing education students who choose to utilize the facilities at the Carpenter Sports Building.
Change of Registration Fee (Formally Drop/Add Fee) $25 Charged, in addition to tuition, to students who make changes to their registration after the free drop/add period.
Credit by Exam Fee $75 per credit hour Charged to all students who attempt to test out of University courses by passing an exam.
Disciplinary Restitution Amount determined based on cost Charged to cover costs associated with disciplinary action incurred by Facilities, University Police and Grounds departments.
Flex Deficit Charge Amount determined by usage beyond available balance Charged to any student whose usage of their flex account exceeds their available balance.
I.D. Replacement $25 per replacement Charged to all students who require a replacement I.D. Card.
Installment Fee $50 Charged each semester to all students who choose to pay their semester bill by utilizing the installment payment plan. The installment plan is a four-payment plan and is offered in the fall and spring semesters.
Installment Penalty $25 Charged for each late or inadequate installment payment.
Late Payment Fee $55 Charged after fee payment deadline and each month open balance if not on payment plan
Library Fine As determined by library fee structure Fines assessed for late or non-return of books or other library materials.
Parking Fine As determined by Parking Services' fee structure Fines assessed to students who are in violation of University parking policy or fail to display their Parking permit.
Parking Permit As determined by Parking Services' fee structure Purchased through Parking Services
Recreation Fee $25 Charged during fall, spring, winter and summer sessions to undergraduate (full or part time) and continuing education students, who are not charged the mandatory comprehensive fee, and choose to utilize the facilities at the Carpenter Sports Building.
Reinstatement Fee $100.00 Charged to students who are cancelled for a semester and then granted reinstatement
Residence Hall Breaks Early/Late Stay Fees Variable See Residence Life & Housing for additional information and directions on how to sign up to check-in early, stay over a break or how to check out late.
Residence Hall Excessive Cleaning/Damage Amount determined by Facilities, Real Estate, and Auxiliary Services Charged to the accounts of students who live on campus whose rooms and/or shared living areas incur damage.
Residence Hall Key and Core Change $80 (Regular) / $118 (Emergency) Charged to all students who require a Key Core Change.
Residence Hall Late Cancellation Fee $200 Charged to students who cancel their application or request a release from the housing agreement late, per the Student Housing Contract.
Residence Hall Late Check-out Fee $150 Charged to any student who does not check out of the halls at breaks or semester closing by the posted closing times.
Returned Check Fee $25 per returned check Charged for each check or ACH returned by the University's bank after being presented to the payee's institution.
Student Conduct Administrative Fee Amount determined by Student Conduct Charged to students who are referred to the Office of Student Conduct for case processing.
Test Credit Fee $15 Charged to undergraduate students who transfer high school credit courses (AP) to the University of Delaware.
Transcript Fee $7 per request
$15 per immediate request
Charged to any student requesting an official copy of their University of Delaware transcript.
Transfer Credit Fee $75 Charged to any student who takes a course, for academic credit, at another institution and then transfers that credit to the University of Delaware.