Minor in Nanomaterials


The Minor in Nanomaterials Science and Engineering requires completion of 15 credits with a minimum grade of C-. MSEG 302 is a required course and the remainder must be drawn from the courses in Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biology, etc., that are specific to Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology. Some of the courses are listed below.  Courses up to the 600 level qualify. All the courses that are to be counted towards a minor in Nanomaterials should be approved by the MSE Minor Advisor.  A maximum of 3 credits of undergraduate research or independent study may be counted. This research or independent study has to be related to Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology.   For further information contact:

Prof. Ismat Shah at 302-831-1618 Ismat@udel.edu



MSEG 366/466 Independent Study: Approval by the MSEG minor coordinator required.

MSEG 446 Senior Research: Approval by the MSEG minor coordinator required.

MSEG/CHEG 616 Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces

MSEG/PHYS 667 Thin Film Processes

MSEG 667/ELEG 421/621 Solid State Nanotechnology 

ELEG 422/622 Electronic Materials Processing

ELEG 446/646 Nanoelectronic Device Principles

ELEG 449/649 Nanotechnology & Applications

Additional appropriate courses will be approved by the faculty and/or MSE minor advisor.