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Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Form - New in January 2014

These items were fixed and available on Jan. 2, 2014.

  • For Record Keepers and Reviewers, two new options are available for sharing the Appraisal with the Faculty Member. These options are available the first time Record Keepers or Reviewers handle the form but not the last time the Reviewers handles the form. The new options are:
    • return to faculty for changes and do not show my comments or ratings
    • return to faculty for changes and show all of my comments and ratings

    See sample page showing all options for "Action."

    See help page for all "Action" options.

  • There are two new report options in UD's Course evaluation system that generate PDF reports of students' responses that may be attached on the Faculty Appraisal. Below are directions for faculty who used UD's online course evaluations.
    • These reports went live on Tues., Jan. 14, 2014.
    • Log on at www.udel.edu/courseevaladmin/.
    • Click on the "Report" tab.
    • Make your term choice(s) and then set "Report Type" to one of the following:
      PDF detailed summary for Fac. Appraisal
      PDF brief summary for Fac. Appraisal
    • Save the PDF file that is generated and attach it to your Faculty Appraisal.