UD Web Forms

Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Form - New in December 2008

These items were fixed and available on Dec. 17, 2008.

  • On the Appraisal (first) page, add a link to last year's appraisal, if it exists.

  • On the appraisal page, allow thousandths (nn.nnn) for the faculty effectiveness rating for all three areas -- teaching, research, service.

  • For contact hours on the Planning / Teaching pages, the originator and reviewers may choose to enter hundredths or whole numbers - e.g., nn.nn or nn. These examples would be valid contact hours ... 12.25 or 3 or 2.5 or .5

  • For Research and Service Planning areas, provide a "Reviewer's Comment" input box.

  • Allow hundredths (nnn.nn) for "Number of faculty in unit" so whole numbers or hundredths are permitted - e.g., 33.25.

  • Allow thousandths - e.g., 33.333 - for "percent of effort assigned" on the appraisal and planning pages.

  • Recordkeepers may add an reviewer after themselves and before the Chair or first "reviewer".

  • Change from: Faculty --> Recordkeeper --> Reviewer --> Faculty --> Recordkeeper --> Reviewer
    to: Faculty --> Recordkeeper --> Reviewer --> Faculty --> Reviewer
    so there is no recordkeeper access to the form once the Chair provides information. Recordkeeper appears once in the routing instead of twice like the other roles.

  • Cutting & pasting from WORD:

    A toolbar has been added to textareas so that text from a WORD document may be pasted without translation of smart quotes and dashes to unexpected characters. See this new icon on this toolbar image. To use this feature, click on the "paste WORD" icon, paste the text form your WORD document, and click "INSERT". You may continue to format your pasted text using the toolbar items. If you paste from WORD into the textarea without using the "paste WORD" icon on the toolbar, you will see unexpected characters. Here is more information.

    Browser exception for MAC users: pasting from WORD on a computer running Windows, should be successful. If using a MAC and Firefox, check your dashes and manually replace them in the textarea window or they will be translated unexpectedly (see sample). A MAC running Safari and pasting from a WORD file appears fine.

This item will be fixed and available in Dec. 2009 for 2009 Summer (2095), 2009 Fall Semester (2098), and 2010 Winter (2101) terms. But, 2009 Spring Semester will not report enrollment numbers.

  • On the appraisal page, show the enrollment for independent study sections and show it so that we count the number of students for just that instructor.