UD Web Forms

Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Form - New in January 2008

  • The 4000 character limit for the larger input areas (textareas) has been increased to 20,000 characters, which is just less than 4 pages. This is noted on the form above each area.

  • Faculty may attach up to 9 files for each term on the planning pages. The previous limit was 3 files per term.

  • The file size per page has been increased 7 MB total for all files attached on that page. Before attaching files, be sure your files for that page total less than 7 MB or you will receive an error.

  • A SAVE THIS PAGE button has been added to each page so that you may intermittently save the information you have provided on a page before the security timeout.

  • Class enrollment on the Appraisal page is pulled from UDSIS now instead of SIS+.

  • Contact hours in addition to credit hours are collected on the planning pages.

  • A recordkeeper role is optionally available when someone reviews the form for completeness before the Chair receives it. Chair's have editing privileges for any data or text a recordkeeper provides. See your Chair to determine if your department is using this feature or not.

  • The "Merit Assessment Option for Summer Work" has been moved to the first page in the planning section.

  • Chairs are able to add a comment in each term's planning section.

  • Faculty members may provide a self-rating on the appraisal when they originate the form and may edit that rating the second time through the form. See your Chair for instructions for your department.

See changes in pink under Form Routing Examples.